Festivals suffer from a shortage of technical staff and encourage fans to get involved

It is no news that the almost two-year period of the pandemic had a major impact on the functioning of the cultural sector. Constant and recurring bans in various forms have decimated the budgets and morale of tens of thousands of people who take part in cultural events every year, led by music clubs and … Read more

Air transport is expected to suffer from environmental concerns

An Air France Airbus A319, at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, near Paris, on December 2, 2021. SARAH MEYSSONNIER / REUTERS Environmentalists and conservationists will be happy. It looks like the world after will not be quite the same as the world before. This is what emerges from a study carried out by the Roland Berger cabinet, published … Read more

strong growth in revenues but employment rates still suffer

Definitely positive results for Hnh Hospitality, which closed the preliminary balance for fiscal year 2020-21 on 31 October with total revenues from direct management of € 34.8 million, up by 62.3% when compared with the 2020 financial year and at an even higher level than the pre-Covid 2019 year. Of course, it must be considered … Read more

“I suffer from depression, it’s like being on a roller coaster”

A roundup of photos with red and shiny eyes, while crying in bed, in one shot even attached to an IV. It is the latest post by Bella Hadid, an internationally renowned supermodel, who revealed on Instagram that she suffers from depression. “This is me practically every day, every night for a few years now … Read more

Skaters from Porto suffer violence and ask for more space to play sports

Cecília Malheiro* Today at 11:03 am Porto’s skate athletes, a modality with Olympic debut in Tokyo2020, complain of verbal and physical violence in public spaces in the city, criticize there being only one park and ask the camera for a covered space to train when it rains. Rafaela Costa, 16 years old, skater for four … Read more

unions suffer a setback

The Council of State has ruled on the appeal of employee organizations, Friday, October 22, 2021. PICASA / FLICKR This time it was the unions who lost. Friday, October 22, their appeal against one of the emblematic measures of the unemployment insurance reform was rejected by the Council of State. Seized in summary proceedings, the … Read more

Expresso rostrum: big games | Mourinho went to northern Norway to suffer the worst defeat of his career: Bodø/Glimt gave Roma 6-1 in the Conference League

It’s a long journey to Bodø, a small town with just over 50,000 inhabitants in the northern reaches of Norway. It will certainly be one of the northernmost places where football is played professionally and Bodø/Glimt made their country’s history by becoming the Norwegian champion for the first time in 2020, an unprecedented title for … Read more

China warns world will suffer in case of confrontation with USA

“When China and the United States work together, countries and the world benefit, but both countries and the world will suffer if the two countries confront each other,” Xi said, according to a statement released by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs . “US policy towards China has caused serious difficulties in the relationship” between the … Read more

Six people suffer from food poisoning at the TU Darmstadt

Investigations are ongoing Food poisoning at TU Darmstadt: Police warn of “bluish discoloration of the extremities” The police are investigating food poisoning © Christine Cornelius / DPA At the Technical University of Darmstadt, several people have to go to hospital after symptoms of intoxication. The investigators found a harmful substance in several drinks. There are … Read more

Ricardo Ferretti And Tigres Suffer From Their Separation At The Start Of The Apertura 2021

After four dates, Ricardo Ferretti does not know the victory with FC Juárez and Tigres spins a quartet of duels without victory After their separation at the end of the previous tournament, Ricardo Ferretti and Tigres have suffered to excel so far in the Apertura 2021 Well, the current technician of FC Juárez He does … Read more