Active tourism is no longer a niche but a flexible product suitable for everyone

There is a lot of pride among the protagonists of the panel dedicated to active tourism today at the Ttg in Rimini. Starting with Monica Malpezzi Price, president of ActiveItaly and true host of the event: “Ours is a varied and extremely flexible offer, ranging from self-guided tours to pure tailor-made tours. Above all, however, … Read more

Ariel NOAH’s Acting Becomes an Ad Star in a Flood of Praise, Netizens: Suitable to be a soap opera actor, Bond of Love: Okezone Celebrity

ARIEL NOAH shows off his acting skills. He tried the world of roles even if only as a commercial star. Ariel NOAH is currently an advertisement star for an Indonesian online motorcycle taxi company. On the Instagram page, Ariel NOAH shows a short video. Ariel looks worried because the order package has not arrived. Even … Read more

5 Recommendations for Action Adventure Movies Suitable for Weekend Watch : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Film Action adventure is a genre that has its own fans. Apart from being an exciting story, adventure films usually don’t have scenes that are too sadistic and scary. Film action adventure can also be an alternative spectacle for weekend. The following are five adventure films that are fun and suitable to watch during … Read more

These websites are as useless and absurd as they are perfectly suitable for entertaining you for a while.

There are many ways to hang out on the Internet. Seriously, there is everything. There are video games, technology, fashion, free games, pages to watch videos, a whole underworld of weird things on Reddit and you can even see those from Xataka doing things on TikTok and Twitch. But that’s the interesting part of the … Read more