The Gala House Donations Are Issued, Sunan Kalijaga: Why Should It Be Enormous in the Universe? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Sunan Kalijaga re-open voice regarding the decision Doddy Sudrajat reported Marissya Icha to the Ministry of Social Affairs regarding the ‘House for Gala’ donation. He admitted that he regretted the controversy. “Obviously I really regret it. This issue should be resolved amicably,” said the father of the celebrity celebrity, Salmafina Sunan, as quoted … Read more

Sunan Kalijaga and Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong Meet, Salmafina: God Hears : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Presented by Salmafina and his lover, Greivance Lumoindong finally brought their two families together on New Year’s Eve. The moment of the meeting was captured by Salmafina via Instagram, on January 1, 2022. In his statement, the 22-year-old celebrity admitted that the meeting of two families was something he and Grei had prayed … Read more

Greivance Lumoindong, girlfriend of Salmafina Sunan, Son of a Religious Pastor, Here are 5 Facts: Okezone Celebrity

FACT Greivance Lumoindong has also been in the spotlight lately. After it was discovered that he was in a special relationship with Sunan Kalijaga’s favorite daughter, Salmafina Sunan. On Christmas Eve celebrations, Salmafina seemed warm to worship and gather together with her lover’s family. So who is the figure of Greivance who is able to … Read more

Mention 10 Criteria for Ideal Men, Salmafina Sunan: I Don’t Look at Physical: Okezone Celebrity

BALI – Selebgram Presented by Salmafina had built a household at the age of 18 with Taqy Malik. Unfortunately the marriage only lasted for 3 months until he finally filed for divorce on December 20, 2017. Not wanting to fail to build a household again, Alma -as he is known – looks much more careful … Read more

Called Revenge Help Marlina Fight Taqy Malik’s Father, Sunan Kalijaga: I’m Professional : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Lawyer Sunan Kalijaga accused of carrying out a mission of revenge against Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik for the divorce of his daughter, Salmafina Sunan, 3 years ago. The reason is, he wants to help Marlina Octaria who is having a feud with her ex-boyfriend. In response to this, Presented by gave a firm … Read more

Sunan Kalijaga Behind the Viral Tempest Taqy Malik’s father, Former Besan to Become a Lawyer : Okezone Celebrity

CASE Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, who forced his wife, Marlina Oktoria, to have unnatural sex continues. Sunan Kalijaga was even involved as a lawyer for Marlina As is known, Sunan Kalijaga is the father of Salmafina Sunan. Salmafina is the ex-wife of Taqy Malik, who is also the former son-in-law of Mansyardin’s former son-in-law. … Read more

Biography and Religion of Salmafina Sunan, Sunan Kalijaga’s Child Who Changed His Faith : Okezone Celebrity

Biography and religion Salmafina Sunan many people are curious, after he married and divorced from Taqy Malik. Who is this Salmafina Sunan? Salmafina Khairunnisa or Salmafina Sunan is the eldest of two children of the famous lawyer couple Sunan Kalijaga and Heidy. Salma is known to have a younger brother named Aziel Sean Farrell. Biography … Read more

Accompany Marlina Octaria against Taqy Malik’s father, Sunan Kalijaga: Don’t Try to Threaten Our Clients! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Lawyer Sunan Kalijaga intervened to accompany Marlina Oktoria against her husband, Marsyandi Malik. He did not even flinch when his client was reported to the police under the ITE Law by Taqy Malik’s father. Sunan Kalijaga confirmed that he would bring all evidence and witnesses if Taqy Malik’s father took legal action. READ ALSO: … Read more