“Will the stock market swallow make a sunny spring?” “

At Euronext headquarters, in La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine), December 7, 2021. ERIC PIERMONT / AFP NIt is only Wednesday January 5, 2022, but the stock market investors have decided to take off the jacket and take out the swimsuits. The spring of business is already in sight. For them, all the clues agree, suggesting a near … Read more

Focus on Family and Mental Health, Sunny Dahye Says Goodbye from YouTube and Social Media : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– YouTuber from South Korea, Sunny Dahye decided to take a break from YouTube and social media due to the slanted accusations against him. He admitted that the case disturbed his mental health. “With this my friends decided to take break from YouTubers, social media, and other accounts, because I want to focus on my … Read more

Accused of lying and humiliating Indonesians, Sunny Dahye ensures to take legal action: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– YouTuber Sunny Dahye lately in the spotlight after oblique accusations about him. This is because he was accused of lying for content to insult Indonesians. The accusation was first disclosed by the @sunnyisaliar2 account on Instagram. In response to this, Sunny Dahye also provide clarification. He denied the allegations against him. Chris Okano’s wife … Read more

Youtuber Sunny Dahye Clarifies Allegations of Insulting Indonesians : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – South Korean YouTuber Sunny Dahye has come under fire for being accused of insulting Indonesians. Now after some time of silence, Sunny Dahye spoke up about her problem. The woman who had studied at UGM admitted that she was surprised and disappointed by the accusations and bullying she received. He did not expect … Read more