Agnez Mo Supports Jessi, Fans Want Collaboration : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – Collaboration issues Agnez Mo and rapper Jessi is known to have been sticking out since August 2020. The news began when the two were seen frequently commenting on each other’s Instagram uploads. Although it has not materialized until now, the two singers still support each other. Like when Jessi uploaded a photo for … Read more

Angelina Jolie supports the gymnasts who have denounced Larry Nassar for abuse and the entire system that allowed it – Celebs.Cool

Angelina Jolie visited the Capitol and the White House this week to call for the approval of various reforms aimed at combat sexist violence in the United States. The actress and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador met with senators to act urgently and re-enter into force a law that for decades served to combat gender violence. … Read more

Mila Macheasy Supports Rizky Billar’s Marriage, But. : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mila Macheasy dismissed the opinion of fans of Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora about not supporting their idol’s marriage. According to Mila’s version, she had hoped that the two would get married soon since they were rumored to be close. “There is no personal tendency to hate Rizky Billar and Lesti. I even … Read more

Vin Diesel unconditionally supports Paul Walker’s daughter – Celebs.Cool

The friendship that Vin Diesel engaged with the deceased Paul Walker, through the saga ‘The Fast and the Furious’, continues in force through the affection that Diesel professes to Meadow Walker, the daughter of the actor who lost his life in a car accident. For sample, the beautiful photo that she just shared. This is … Read more

INSPIRATION4: Space Force Supports Historic Mission as Civilians Launched Into Orbit

Space Force enables inspiration 4 launch A Falcon 9 rocket launches Inspiration4 toward space Sept. 15, 2021, at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Four private citizens were transported into orbit inside Space-X’s Dragon Resilience capsule. The crew, which is the first to be made up exclusively by private citizens, will orbit the Earth for three days. … Read more

State supports suspects; Marcelo convinced that Costa leaves

IT’S Today, the case of the two Iraqis detained in Portugal, on Wednesday, on suspicion of being linked to Daesh, is highlighted in the main newspapers. O Newspaper writes that “Brothers suspected of terrorism were going to flee Portugal”, and the News Diary highlights that the “SEF refused asylum to a suspect in Daesh”. In … Read more

Refugee in the United Arab Emirates, ex-president Ashraf Ghani supports dialogue between the Taliban and his predecessor

A Taliban fighter in front of a beauty salon whose female faces depicted on the facade have been covered in paint, in Kabul, Wednesday August 18, 2021. REPRESENTATIVE KOHSAR / AFP Three days after their capture of the capital, Kabul, the Taliban promised to work for reconciliation in Afghanistan, saying they had forgiven their opponents … Read more

Kesha Ratuliu Supports PPKM Extended, The Reason Is Sad: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Kesha Ratuliu seems to support the government’s decision regarding the extension of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) until August 9, 2021. This was revealed by Adhi Permana’s wife on Instagram. Kesha Ratuliu ask the public not to blame the government alone. But also do introspection whether you have implemented strict health protocols … Read more

Grupo Quetzal Supports The Community In Concert At The Skirball Center

The lack of a public stage during the pandemic inspired the Quetzal Group to use another platform to share your music. As time passed, the members of the Quetzal group realized the impact that this estrangement was having due to the presence of the coronavirus in Los Angeles. However, they found a way to continue … Read more