Taylor Swift announces surprising new album “Evermore”

“Evermore” “Tonight the story continues”: Taylor Swift announces surprising new album Taylor Swift releases her new album “Evermore” © Greg Allen / Picture Alliance She just couldn’t stop writing. That is why Taylor Swift has now announced her new album “Evermore” after the previous album “Folklore” was released in July. In several posts, the singer … Read more

NASA airborne laboratory flies through clouds to uncover surprising ocean link

The view from the DC-8 research aircraft as flies through the marine boundary layer, the portion of the atmosphere close to the ocean’s surface where the ocean affects processes like cloud formation. Sam Hall Jetting through the sky in a NASA aircraft, scientists discovered that about one-third of fresh cloud seedlings that originate in the … Read more

Wika Salim Reveals Relationship with Ariel NOAH, Surprising Answer: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Wika Salim recently revealed about his status with Ariel Noah. As we know, Ariel Noah is often reported to be close to a number of women after his relationship with the beautiful artist Sophia Latjuba ran aground. Even recently, the vocalist of the Noah music group is reported to be close to soap … Read more

Tourists Will Be Able To Visit Space In A Balloon For A Surprising Price

Alamy For the eco-friendly space tourists out there, you can touch the stars in a balloon – and you won’t need to enter Squid Game to pay back the debt. Once upon a time, when the US launched its early Apollo missions and Russia was blasting its own cosmonauts into orbit, the world was obsessed … Read more

Surprising Standing Waves at Edge of Earth’s Magnetic Bubble Found in NASA Data

An animated illustration of magnetospheric waves, in light blue. At the front of the magnetosphere, these waves appear to be still. Credit: Martin Archer/Emmanuel Masongsong/NASA Earth sails the solar system in a ship of its own making: the magnetosphere, the magnetic field that envelops and protects our planet. The celestial sea we find ourselves in … Read more

Samuel L. Jackson: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Quentin Tarantino: Surprising Stories You Didn’t Know of the Highest-Grossing Actor in History

He is the highest grossing actor in history worldwide. These days, Harrison Ford has taken that title from him, but only in the US, with the colossal success of The awakening of the force. The funny thing is that our man, Samuel L. Jackson (Washington, 67 years old), is almost never the protagonist of his … Read more

In Sweden, the surprise but not so surprising resignation of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announces his next resignation on August 22 in Akersberga, north of Stockholm. HENRIK MONTGOMERY / AFP No one saw the blow coming, not even the keenest observers of Swedish politics. On Sunday 22 August, a few hundred activists gathered in a field in Akersberga, near Stockholm, to listen to the … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid And Social Networks: The Most Surprising Rumor Of The Week

Social media has been a blessing for athletes, because it has allowed them to speak to the world directly. No filters, no public relations, no decontextualized quotes. Just clarity. And someone should have told the team that manages the official accounts of Cristiano Ronaldo. Because even after his post on Tuesday night Instagram exceeds 12 … Read more