Winter in Switzerland winks at the young target, between safety and sustainability

New and different initiatives aimed at winning back a young and Italian audience in particular “considering that also for this winter season – and perhaps even beyond – long-range tourism continues to be canceled out by the pandemic”. Christina Glaeser, director of Switzerland Tourism in Italy, thus introduces initiatives and innovations that will characterize the … Read more

Portugal marries sustainability with the Rout-e project

Luis Araujo The Portugal Tourism Board joins Full Fixtures to begin its sustainability promotion process with the Rout-e project, an initiative that aims to strengthen Portugal’s position as a sustainable tourist destination in accordance with the objectives of the Strategy Tourism 2027 and Tourism + Sustainability Plan 2023. The Rout-e Project consists in the realization … Read more

Egypt takes the road of restart, between security and sustainability

The opportunity for a sustainable future – which, however, must begin now -, the one offered byecotourism, all passing from an indispensable investment in safety, for citizens and tourists. L’Egypt moves from the stage of the WTM in London with these priority very clear, after the reopening to international tourism since last July. The number … Read more

Costa Edutainment awarded by Confindustria Romagna for its attention to sustainability

Confindustria Romagna assigns the Excelsa2021 award to the Costa Edutainment group for the commitment on the sustainability front. The Association has been promoting the Excelsa – Romagna Award since 2011, initiative created to give visibility to excellent companies and highlight the ultimate goal of doing business: to generate collective and widespread well-being. For 2021 Confindustria … Read more

From 8% to 20% in 7 years – Turnover of products with a sustainability label in supermarkets increased sharply in 2020

Dutch consumers more often bought sustainable groceries at the supermarket in corona year 2020. The turnover of food with a sustainability label increased by 21% last year. That of conventional food lagged behind by 7%. This is shown by the Sustainable Food Monitor, which is produced by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Statistics Netherlands … Read more

#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Sustainability and Space Debris

by Vitali Braun, THIS The ESA Agenda 2025 – Opinions by members of the SichTRaum network Credits: ESA Agenda 2025 On April 7 this year, one month after Dr. Josef Aschbacher took office as the European Space Agency’s (ESA) new Director-General, the ESA Agenda 2025 was released.This document contains the agenda of the new Director-General … Read more

Sustainability Takes Centre Stage at Expo 2021 Dubai

With more than 191 participating nations, numerous pavilions, events, attractions and experiences, Expo 2020 Dubai UAE aims to inspire and initiate change and create a better future with a focus on sustainability, opportunity and mobility Expo 2020 Dubai UAE, the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA), … Read more

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson Pushes Continued Climate Research & Aircraft Sustainability

Last Thursday, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson joined a White House event to highlight some of the progress the space agency has been working on to combat climate change. Nelson is relatively new to the role of NASA Administrator, having been appointed by President Biden in May after former administrator Jim Bridenstine resigned. Nelson spoke mainly … Read more

The summer stages of Michelle Hunziker’s journey to Switzerland in the name of sustainability

The promotional project presented in June concerning the cooperation between Switzerland Tourism and Michelle Hunziker. The popular presenter traveled to Switzerland as the new ambassador of Swiss tourism to Italy. She left full of enthusiasm to tell Italians about the care of the territory and the love for what is authentic that distinguishes her country … Read more

Aeroporti di Roma, agreement with Enel for digitization and sustainability

Enel Italia and Aeroporti di Roma together for innovation: the two companies have signed an agreement to develop solutions aimed at contributing to the achievement of the objectives regarding energy transition, sustainability and digital transformation in the airport sector. The priority is to participate proactively in the change taking place, projecting oneself towards an innovative … Read more