Style criticism: Taylor Swift as a forest-bathing retro romantic

ICONIST Criticism of style Taylor Swift as a forest-bathing retro romantic Published on 08/03/2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Taylor Swift in the woods: Cover of her new album “Folklore” Source: dpa In good old pop star fashion, Taylor Swift reinvents himself with every album. With “Folklore” she stages herself in a black and white … Read more

Taylor Swift sets new records with FOLKLORE

With FOLKLORE, Taylor Swift has started a new musical chapter. Foto: Beth Garrabrant. All rights reserved. Just a week after Taylor Swift surprisingly released her new album, FOLKLORE is already the best-selling record of the year. According to an official press release, Swift’s newest work has sold more than two million times worldwide. This makes … Read more

Taylor Swift, Abba and Kayne West nominated at the last minute

Björn Ulvaeus, Agnetha Fältskog, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in their suits with which they were digitally measured for their upcoming concerts Foto: picture alliance/dpa/PA Media, Industrial Light And. All rights reserved. The four major categories at the 64th Grammy Awards were expanded from eight to ten entries shortly before the nominees were announced. It … Read more

Taylor Swift is being sued by Amusement Park for “Evermore”

Taylor Swift Foto: picture alliance / Captital Pict, Martin Harris. All rights reserved. Last year Taylor Swift released two surprise albums and caused quite a stir – an amusement park in the US state of Utah finds too much. Swift’s latest record “Evermore” bears the same name as the amusement park. The representatives of the … Read more

Taylor Swift breaks Don McLean’s 49-year-old chart record

Taylor Swift is getting her music back. Foto: Getty Images, Mark Metcalfe. All rights reserved. Taylor Swift, who is not poor in records, has set another record. This time it’s their new new ten minute single “All Too Well”. It made it to the top of the US charts, making it the longest song of … Read more

Taylor Swift: she brings out a title on her ex Joe Jonas and …

On the occasion of the release of an album, Taylor Swift decided to unveil an old title, written in 2008. If fans seriously think that the song is about Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner reacted … It is a fight that she will not let go. For many months, Taylor Swift struggles for artistic independence and … Read more

According to Caro Daur & Taylor Swift: These are the trend patterns of the season

Whether classic in black and white or in a modern color gradient – the houndstooth pattern is back and not only Caro Daur and Taylor Swift are delighted in the winter season! For certain links in this article, receives a commission from the dealer, so we can offer you special products at unbeatable prices, … Read more

Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun: Who is harassing whom?

IIn this case, the word “bullying” is perhaps best translated as “bullying”. This man had manipulatively bullied her. For years. The US singer Taylor Swift accused on Sunday on the social media service tumblr. It was about a man named Scooter Braun and the story is a little more complicated. Braun, 38, is an entrepreneur, … Read more

“The Man”: With this video, Taylor takes Swift out against the music industry

Swipes and celebrity cameos “The Man”: With this video, Taylor takes Swift out against the music industry Taylor Swift is known for keeping her music videos jam-packed with innuendos, announcements, and appearances from other celebrities. And “The Man” doesn’t disappoint in this respect either. When Taylor Swift announces that she’s about to release a new … Read more

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez: Familiar Video Proves: They’re Still BFFs

In a funny video, the two of them prove that there is still no fit between Tylor Swift and Selena Gomez. They skillfully stage their friendship. Actors and singers Taylor Swift (31) and Selena Gomez (29) have been going through thick and thin together since 2008. At that time they met at a meeting with … Read more