Another bus strike in RLP – 3,000 drivers lay down work – SWR Aktuell

Around 3,000 drivers stopped their work during the warning strike in the private bus industry in Rhineland-Palatinate on Thursday. The whole thing should initially last until February 6th. About two-thirds of the bus drivers called for the warning strike took part, ver.di negotiator Marko Bärschneider told the German Press Agency. The trade union ver.di called … Read more

Happy senior physician at the Heidenheim Clinic – SWR Aktuell

University clinic or district hospital? This is the question young doctors ask themselves. Angelika Wohlstein-Pencha made a conscious decision to go to the Heidenheim Clinic. Angelika Wohlstein-Pecha is Senior Consultant in Gynecology at the Heidenheim Clinic – every birth is a joy for her, she says. SWR From the city to the country. Angelika Wohlstein-Pecha … Read more

ottmar-hitzfeld-burnout-mentale-gesundheit-im-sport – SWR Sport

Ottmar Hitzfeld (72) ist bis heute Deutschlands erfolgreichster Vereinstrainer. Permanenter Begleiter des Perfektionisten war jedoch ein extremer Druck. In dem Buch “Am Limit – Wie Sportstars Krisen meistern” erzählt Hitzfeld offen von Depressionen, Panikattacken und einer zweijährigen Auszeit. Die Sonne lacht an diesem Samstag Nachmittag im Mai 2008. Die Stimmung in der ausverkauften Arena in … Read more

RLP Ministry changes advertising practice after Böhmermann criticism – SWR Aktuell

The green-led environment ministry in Rhineland-Palatinate has been criticized by satirist Jan Böhmermann for its advertising practice on Facebook. Now it’s changing its approach. In the future, the ministry no longer wants to target advertisements on Facebook to the target group that is interested in the Greens. Böhmermann had criticized this in his Friday evening … Read more

District Administrator Pföhler wants to give up his office – SWR news

After the flood disaster, the parliamentary groups in the district council of Ahrweiler demanded that District Administrator Pföhler clear the way for a new beginning. He has now apparently done, as the CDU parliamentary group announced. Pföhler (CDU) had informed the parliamentary group chairman in the district assembly that he had submitted an application for … Read more

BW prepares restrictions for unvaccinated people – SWR news

In the event of a drastic increase in the number of corona infections, Baden-Württemberg is preparing restrictions for people who are not vaccinated against the corona virus. As the SWR learned from the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Corona regulation is to be revised next week. People who are not vaccinated against Corona have to … Read more

District council unanimously adopts SPD resolution against District Administrator Pföhler – SWR Aktuell

The parliamentary groups in the Ahrweiler district council unanimously approved the resolution calling for a new start in terms of personnel at the top of the district. Three district council members abstained. Before the vote, there was great agreement in the district assembly: All parties agreed to the central demands of the SPD. There has … Read more

Dreyer wants general testing for vacationers – SWR news

According to a draft by the Ministry of Health, the mandatory test for returnees will apply from August 1st – regardless of how and from where you enter. The Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister had previously spoken out in favor. In principle, according to the draft, in the future all immigrants from the age of six should … Read more

Baerbock: Kretschmann kritisiert Krisenmanagement der Grünen

Deutschland Plagiatsvorwürfe gegen Baerbock „Das hätte man besser gelassen“ – Kretschmann kritisiert Krisenmanagement der Grünen Stand: 21:16 Uhr | Lesedauer: 2 Minuten Winfried Kretschmann hält die Gegenattacken der Grünen auf die Plagiatsvorwürfe gegen Annalena Baerbock für keine gute Idee Quelle: dpa/Bernd Weissbrod „Das waren Fehler, da muss man nicht drumrumreden“, sagt Baden-Württembergs grüner Ministerpräsident Winfried … Read more

SpaceX and NASA start a new space chapter with Crew Dragon – SWR Knowledge

On the night of November 15-16, the Crew Dragon space capsule took off for the second time for the ISS. For the first time, four people were on board and the technology was also improved. In the early morning hours of November 16 of our time, a new group of astronauts with the Crew Dragon … Read more