Synopsis of Mass Film, Raise the Tragic Story of the School Shooting : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mass film, filmmaker Fran Kranz’s debut, begins by presenting the awkwardness of two church officials, namely Judy (Breeda Wool) and Anthony (Kagen Albright) when welcoming Kendra (Michelle N. Carter). Two pairs of old people came into the room. Those people are Hayden’s father and mother, Richard (Reed Birney) and Linda (Ann Dowd) meeting … Read more

Synopsis of Ben & Jody Film Release January 27, 2021, Action Action of Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto: Okezone Celebrity

SYNOPSIS the film ‘Ben & Jody’ will be briefly reviewed. Angga Dwi Sasongko as the director of the ‘Filosofi Kopi’ film franchise makes the character played by Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto different from the previous film. Angga tries to turn Ben & Jody’s characters as friends who both work as coffee baristas into an … Read more

Synopsis of the Bond of Love Tonight, Andin Fainted in the Car and Reyna Hysterically : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Tonight’s soap opera drama Ikatan Cinta, episode 572, when Andin (Amanda Manopo) was allowed by Aldebaran (Amanda Manopo) to leave, Andin stopped by Uncle Irvan (Oka Antara)’s house. But after that he left with the online taxi he had ordered. Om Irvan had time to ask whether Andin and Aldebaran’s household was okay. … Read more

All About Matrix Resurrections: Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Synopsis – MeriStation

The Matrix Resurrections is getting closer. The return to theaters of one of the greatest science fiction film icons of recent decades returns with a new canonical installment starring Keanu Reeves, how could it be otherwise. In this article we are going to review all the essential details of an appointment that has been made … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love: Iqbal Knows Vera Has Sound Recording of Denis Abduction : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The Bond of Love tonight, Aldebaran seems to be suspicious of the movements of Irvan Pratama, Andin’s uncle. He even sounded quite annoyed with his wife’s behavior who had contacted his uncle and asked for help in finding Jessica and her family. In the trailer for episode 505 which airs tonight, Al looks … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love October 19, 2021: Irvan Shocked to Know Elsa, Roy’s Killer and Jessica’s Friend: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- soap operas Love Bond October 19, 2021 featuring Irvan Pratama who met Aldebaran in his office to talk about Andin’s past who had been in prison for 4 years. At the meeting, Al explained that it was Elsa who was actually the perpetrator of Roy’s murder. Hearing that, Irvan He also asked whether Elsa, … Read more

Synopsis of the Bond of Love October 18, 2021: Aldebaran Annoyed that Nino Called Reyna as My Son: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond October 18, 2021 featured Elsa who was seen contacting Reyna and Andin via Surya’s father’s cell phone. On that occasion, Elsa admitted that she really missed her niece. Andin also said that in the near future he would stop by Bandung to meet Elsa. In fact, he also asked that … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love October 16, 2021: Rendi Wants to Marry Jessica, Mama Rosa Has a Past Enemy? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond October 16, 2021, the riddle of the Alfahri family’s terror is getting clearer. Someone in the past of Mama Rosa (Sari Nila) who is suspected of having a grudge begins to open. In the teaser video uploaded by the official Instagram account Love Bond, @ikatancinta.mncp, Saturday (10/16/2021) Mama Rosa also … Read more

Synopsis The Bond of Love: Irvan Swears Never To Forgive Immoral Actors Against His Daughter : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The soap opera Ikatan Cinta tonight will feature Aldebaran looking at his wife, mother, and child while sleeping. He even prayed that he would always be given the strength to guard his most valuable treasure in life. Meanwhile, Irvan seems to have arrived at a mental rehabilitation center to visit his daughter, Jessica. … Read more

Synopsis of Bond of Love October 6, 2021: Rendy Finds Out the Figure of Denis, Aldebaran Meets Irfan : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- soap operas Love Bond October 6, 2021, will feature Andin calling Irfan and asking him to come to his residence. He said he would introduce Irfan to his husband and mother-in-law. It made Irfan happy. He even admitted that he was willing to come to Andin’s residence and meet his husband and in-laws. In … Read more