Assassination attempt by Kongsberg: German victim was married to metal star – foreign news

Kongsberg / Oslo – For a cozy coffee with the neighbor. Just across the street quickly. This visit ended in a bloodbath for Andréa H. († 52) and her friend Hanne E. († 56). The cowardly bow attack in Norway! The Dane Espen Andersen Bråthen (37) ran with a bow, arrow and knife through the … Read more

Putin’s blackmail with Nord Stream 2: This is how Merkel brought us the expensive winter – domestic policy

The signs couldn’t have been clearer. For years, experts and politicians, who know how Russia repeatedly uses energy as a weapon, have been warning that the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea will come with a political price. Not just for Ukraine, but above all for Germany. Doubling the Russian-German gas transport … Read more

Helene Fischer is pregnant! Why baby timing couldn’t be better – folks

All of Germany is waiting for this baby. Super star Helene Fischer (37) becomes a mother for the first time! BILD learns this exclusively from the very tightest environment of the singer. A confidante of Helene and her partner Thomas Seitel (36): “Helene is in her fourth month, the baby should be born in February … Read more

Wiktoria († 16) stabbed to death in Garagenhof in Saxony ++ 15-year-old arrested – Public Prosecutor: “Suspect and victim knew each other” – News

Großröhrsdorf – Successful search in the case of the killed Wiktoria J. (16) from Saxony! The police arrested a suspect on Thursday. It is a 15-year-old German from Großröhrsdorf, as announced by the public prosecutor and the police in Görlitz. Wiktoria was murdered at the age of 16. The parents gave this photo of their … Read more

Danni Büchner’s daughter at “Shopping Queen”: That happened behind the scenes – people

Danni Büchner’s (43) eldest daughter, Joelina Karabas (21), sniffed TV air and was on the big fashion stage for the first time: She was the VIP candidate for the Mallorca special from “Shopping Queen” and had to take the scrutiny of fashion -Critic and designer Guido Maria Kretschmer (56) withstand. Under the motto “Hot in … Read more

Gera: Police are investigating after a swinger party in the playground! | Regional

Gera (Thuringia) – Next to the playground is a sales stand for chain clothing and a beer cart. A half-naked woman poses in the net on a camping chair at the Aga lido. Children of the neighboring long-term campers even want to have seen two of the 200 event guests having sex on the slide … Read more

Scandal workshop with police and armed forces: Whites should be ashamed of skin color – domestic politics

The company “Diversity Works”, which advises corporations and state institutions on diversity issues, causes a stir with questionable anti-racism training courses. The reason: People with white skin in particular should experience first-hand what racism feels like in the “Blue-Eyed” workshop – by being systematically beaten up by a coach, students are particularly common Participants in … Read more

Arrest warrant against Michael Wendler! Bankrupt! Foreclosure! – People

New fuss about Michael Wendler (49)! The former hit star had to go to court again in Germany. BILD is there. But Wendler didn’t come … WENDLER SKINS PROCESS! ARREST WARRANT! Since 9 o’clock the process has been going on in front of the Dinslaken district court for aiding and abetting a foreclosure in unity … Read more