In Doha, the Taliban in search of dialogue with the West

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi (second from left) on August 12, 2021, in Doha, Qatar. KARIM JAAFAR / AFP The future of Afghanistan continues to be written, in part, in Doha, Qatar. A delegation from the Taliban government began on Saturday, November 27, a series of meetings with representatives of Western countries to try … Read more

Taliban want EU help to keep Afghanistan airports running

The entrance to Kabul International Airport, September 5, 2021. WANA NEWS AGENCY / VIA REUTERS The Taliban have asked for help from the European Union (EU) to keep Afghan airports functioning during talks this weekend in Doha, where they pledged to allow the departure of those who wish, the Taliban said. ‘EU Sunday 28 November. … Read more

In Afghanistan, the Taliban must keep their commitments to be recognized abroad, warns Moscow

The Russian President’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov shakes hands with member of the Taliban delegation, Shahabuddin Delawar, during the Afghanistan talks in Moscow on October 20, 2021. ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO / AFP At the end of the international talks on Afghanistan, organized in Moscow on Wednesday, October 20, the Russian envoy warned the Taliban … Read more

For Taliban spokesperson in Doha, “no one has an interest in weakening Afghanistan”

Suhail Shaheen, spokesperson for the Taliban in Doha, at a press conference in Moscow on July 9, 2021. TATYANA MAKEYEVA / REUTERS Suhail Shaheen is one of the main faces of Taliban diplomacy. As spokesperson for the office of the Islamist movement in Qatar, he participated in the negotiations with the United States, organized in … Read more

the G20 wants to stem the humanitarian crisis, but fails to stand together against the Taliban

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the G20 in Rome on October 12, 2021. PALAZZO CHIGI PRESS OFFICE / VIA REUTERS Help Afghanistan without helping the Taliban. This is the challenge to which the leaders of the G20 countries, meeting at a distance two months after the precipitous withdrawal of American forces and the victory … Read more

meeting between representatives of the European Union and the Taliban

In the streets of Kabul, October 9, 2021. JORGE SILVA / REUTERS To fight against its diplomatic isolation, the new regime in Afghanistan is continuing discussions. Taliban leaders will meet with officials from the European Union (EU) and the United States on Tuesday, October 12, in Doha. ” Tomorrow [mardi], we will meet the representatives … Read more

in Afghanistan, after the return to power of the Taliban, the uncertain future of female doctors

Doctor Shoranghaize, resuscitation specialist, at the French Medical Institute for Mother and Child, Kabul, June 6, 2021. HEDAYATULLAH FOR “THE WORLD” One left Afghanistan on August 21, in the midst of chaos, and is moping today in a military base in Wisconsin, plagued by the certainty of a shattered fate, torpedoed dreams, a now devoid … Read more