Most viewed | Brazilian beach volleyball player targeted for physical appearance in Tokyo

Rebecca Silva: Photo ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images This article is published on Yahoo in Spanish at July 2021. We show it again to our users because it was one of the most viewed stories and commented on our site throughout 2021. ——— The Brazilian beach volleyball player, Rebecca Cavalcante Barbosa da Silva, … Read more

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor targeted by two new complaints, for rape and sexual assault

The former presenter of TF1’s “20 heures”, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, September 11, 2019. LOIC VENANCE / AFP The former star of TF1’s “8 p.m.”, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, is the target of two new complaints, for rape and for sexual assault, announced to Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday, December 10, l lawyer for the two plaintiffs, … Read more

Italian football club Juventus targeted by questionable transfer investigation

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli (right) and vice-president and former Czech player Pavel Nedved, here at the Allianz stadium in Turin, on November 27, 2021, are in the crosshairs of the financial squad. ISABELLA BONOTTO / AFP Italian justice is closely interested in the accounts of the football club Juventus. The Italian police financial squad raided … Read more

In Martinique under tension, journalists targeted by gunfire

A photo by Agence France-Presse photographer Loïc Venance, one of the journalists targeted by the shots. LOÏC VENANCE / AFP The tension does not fall in Martinique. A police officer was wounded in the arm on Friday November 26 by gunfire from a roadblock erected in Fort-de-France, while another received an impact that lodged in … Read more

European competition policy subject to “targeted changes”

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager at a press conference in Brussels on November 18, 2021. YVES HERMAN / REUTERS You had to read between the lines to perceive the slight change in tone given to European competition policy. At a press conference, held in Brussels on Thursday, November 18, Margrethe Vestager, Danish European Commissioner, instead … Read more

cybercriminal gang REvil targeted by series of arrests in Europe

FBI Director Christopher Wray at a press conference at the Department of Justice, Washington, November 8, 2021. ANDREW HARNIK / AP The noose of the authorities is tightening around REvil, a gang of cybercriminals behind one of the most virulent strains of ransomware. The United States announced Monday, November 8, the arrest in Poland of … Read more

University of Lisbon targeted by computer attack

Computer attacks are, unfortunately, something that happens very often. Despite the security mechanisms, hackers almost always find ways to “break” systems. This time the target was the University of Lisbon, which was forced to stop some systems because of a ransomware attack. Pirates are demanding a payment to return access to information Ransomware is a … Read more

Shooting in Lyon in the Duchère district, police officers targeted, an individual is actively sought

A shooting took place this Monday, October 25 in the early evening, in the district of La Duchère, in Lyon. The regional prefect and the Lyon prosecutor’s office confirm that the police have been targeted at one of the neighborhood deal points. The Lyon public prosecutor’s office as well as the prefect of the region … Read more

Parisian gynecologist targeted by “rape” investigation disputes accusations of former patients

In front of Tenon hospital, October 2, 2021. The head of the tenon gynecology and obstetrics department is accused by several patients of performing vaginal and rectal examinations brutally and without asking for consent. AGNÈS DHERBEYS / MYOP FOR “THE WORLD” “If the word of the complainants must be heard, it constitutes neither an absolute … Read more

In Austria, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz targeted by corruption investigation

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at a press conference in Vienna, September 8, 2021. LEONHARD FOEGER / REUTERS The Austrian public prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday (October 6th) that a corruption investigation was targeting Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the latter being suspected of having used government funds to secure favorable media coverage. “Sebastian Kurz and nine other … Read more