Denny Darko Says Fuji’s Simplicity Makes Tariq Halilintar Fall In Love : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Fuji and Tariq Halilintar recently became the spotlight of netizens. They are even matched after sharing content on each other’s social media. Tarot reader Denny Darko also tries to see the closeness of Fuji and Tariq Halilintar. According to him, closeness Fuji and Tariq was not originally planned. READ ALSO: – Lawyer Denies Doddy … Read more

Tariq Halilintar Sends Love Code, Fuji: Who is it for? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Thariq Halilintar seems to be getting closer to Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law Fuji. Even recently, Atta Halilintar’s sister stole attention for allegedly sending a love code for the 19-year-old virgin. As seen in the @fuji_thoriq fanbase account. Look Thariq Halilintar shared a photo of him on vacation in Turkey, standing in a snowy area. READ … Read more

Fuji and Tariq Halilintar Getting Closer, Send Photos to Reply Insta Story : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Industry Vanessa Angel, Fuji and Tariq Halilintar continues to excite netizens. Despite not mentioning having a special relationship, the two continue to show off their closeness on each other’s Instagram. This time, Fuji seen sharing a screenshot containing his chat with Tariq Halilintar on Insta Story. In the contents of the chat, the 19-year-old … Read more

Tariq Halilintar Asks Warganet Not to Disrespect Someone After Being Close to Fuji, Chika? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Atta Halilintar’s younger brother, Thariq Halilintar many netizens were matched with Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law, Fuji. This is because the two of them often share content together on social media recently. Not a few netizens who like the chemistry of the two to matchmaking. Nevertheless, Thariq Halilintar It was also rumored that he had a … Read more