Gal Gadot Reflects On ‘Imagine’ Viral Cover Video, Says Gesture Was ‘in Bad Taste’

Gal Gadot reflects on his viral video “Imagine” which rocked social networks in March 2020. The ‘Death on the Nile’ actress, 36, spoke about the John Lennon cover she played with a cohort of her closest Hollywood friends and posted almost two years ago much to the public’s dismay, telling In the style in hindsight, … Read more

“I write things that then come true”

I see, I foresee, I am crazy someone would say. And indeed Fedez he had been right about the pandemic. From today forced home with his wife Chiara Ferragni because both were positive at Covid, the singer reflects on all forecasts on the Covid contained in the texts of his songs. Starting from Taste, the … Read more

Have a taste of life on Mars

Space exploration has always captured the imagination of many people. We continue to search not only for life beyond Earth, but also for new worlds that can sustain human life. Because of this fascination, we developed space-based astronomical observatories like the Hubble Space Telescope, launched the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and its moons, and sent … Read more

postal voting left a bitter taste at times

“If the postal vote has been of great service to us, (…) it is very difficult to take important decisions without being able to exchange visually”, notes Danielle Dubrac, president of the Union des unions de l ‘immobilier ( United). ERIC AUDRAS / PHOTONONSTOP Fees wrongly deducted, minutes of general meetings with incomprehensible voting results, … Read more

Felix Hotels expands in Ogliastra and inaugurates a new brand on taste

One year after its birth and two months after the opening of the brand’s first hotel, the Hotel Felix Olbia – which will be officially inaugurated at the end of October – the hotel group announces the entrance of the Hotel Galanias in Bari Sardo. The geographical area of ​​the offer thus widens, reaching as … Read more

Elon Musk Reveals What His Favorite Anime Are, And It Must Be Recognized That He Does Not Have Bad Taste

It all started, as is usual with Elon Musk, with an innocent comment half seriously half joking, on Twitter, where it literally said ‘I can’t wait any longer to be on Genshing Impact’. It was a replica of a rumor unleashed on networks by miHoYo, developers of the popular free-to-play, who claimed that they were … Read more

Comedian Gaëtan Matis deprogrammed from a Parisian theater after a joke “in bad taste” on Eric Zemmour and the Bataclan attack

After a message from Gaëtan Matis on Facebook, Friday, Eric Zemmour had denounced, Saturday, a form of appeal to “massacre” of its supporters. Le Point Virgule, where the comedian performs, then received threatening messages. Article written by Posted the 10/10/2021 11:50 Update the 10/10/2021 12:46 Reading time : 1 min. Show canceled. The Parisian theater … Read more

The ‘Parker effect’ – Climate and taste change boosted red wine

In a span of 30 years, the average alcohol percentage of red wines worldwide rose from clearly below 14% to well above, writes The Financial Times. While an average Rioja in 1995 was still 13.1%, in 2018 it was 14.5%. There are now red wines that reach up to 16.5% alcohol, even stronger than port … Read more

Rachel Lagière, a market gardener committed to taste and plant diversity

By Mathilde Gérard Posted today at 5:00 p.m., updated at 5:21 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers PortraitActing for biodiversity 1/3. Rachel Lagière grows, on a small plot on the outskirts of Bordeaux, nearly a thousand varieties of vegetables and fruits. Its association, The Conservatory of Taste, promotes peasant seeds that are little known but rich … Read more

No, Gordon, that’s not how you make a steak. 5 places to taste the authentic ones – International

Gordon Ramsay made mistakes in Portuguese recipes again. After a breakfast supposedly typical in Portugal, made with eggs and black pork instead of being, for example, a simple coffee with pastel de nata in a Portuguese patisserie, the chef recreated a recipe of ours, this time a bifana. Problem: what is said to be “a … Read more