We’re Constantly Battling Invasive Species Here on Earth. What Does That Teach us About Infecting Other Worlds With Earth Life?

When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins returned from the Moon in the summer of 1969, they spent three weeks isolated in quarantine to make sure that they hadn’t brought back any microbial lifeforms from the Moon, which could prove harmful to Earth life. Later, once the Moon had been unequivocally proved to be … Read more

Discover, learn, teach and share with 3DBear – Defining future of education

3DBear virtual event emphasised that ‘Game based E-Learning’; discovering and learning through 3DBear helps in deeper classroom engagement and interaction resulting in better understanding of abstract & difficult concepts. Education, just like other areas of personal and business life, has seen rapid technology adoption, thanks to the rise in remote learning. AR, VR and a … Read more

Teach Children, Meisya Siregar asks her husband not to take off his mask on TV : Okezone Celebrity

MEISYA Siregar and Bebi Romeo always emphasize the importance of implementing health protocols for children. Even parents are also good examples so that children obey the procedures when leaving the house. Meisya said that during the pandemic, her family was never going anywhere. But her husband, Bebi Romeo, only shoots occasionally outside the house. “Our … Read more

Discover the new school in Brusque, where students learn and teach at the same time

Are you, Mom or Dad, looking for a space where your child can learn and expand their knowledge or for activities that complement their study routine? Did you know that the child’s age and the place where he is inserted are crucial factors for his bodily and intellectual development? And that’s why Inova Educational Center … Read more

The Truth: Catherine Deneuve And Juliette Binoche Teach In A Jewel To Suit Them

For all great filmmakers, the move of jumping from their original cinematography to that of another culture is a risky operation. The Japanese Hirokazu Koreeda (Almost a family, after life, nobody knows Y Of such father, such son; among others), overcomes the challenge with a jewel tailored to its protagonists, Catherine Deneuve Y Juliette Binoche. … Read more

teach your child to sew!

We really want to offer all kinds of activities to stimulate our child… And if Montessori is a rich pedagogy, it is based above all on everyday objects. We can buy all the boxes of manual activities stamped Montessori, but the house is full of treasure to stimulate the concentration, creativity or fine motor skills … Read more