The James-Webb Telescope’s heat shield deployed, a crucial step in the mission

This (undated) image released by NASA shows the James-Webb Telescope being prepared for launch. The U.S. space agency deployed the telescope’s sunshade on January 4, 2022. CHRIS GUNN / AFP On Tuesday, January 4, the James-Webb space telescope took a major step towards the success of its mission, with the full deployment of its heat … Read more

The new space telescope’s 1.5 million kilometer journey has begun

8.5 billion euros and 11 years later than expected, the James Webb telescope attached to the Ariane 5 rocket departed from French Guiana. If all goes as planned, the telescope built by the space agencies of the USA, Europe and Canada will be fully operational in June, placing itself in the so-called second point of … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope’s Powerful Infrared Camera – The NIRCam

The Hubble Space Telescope answered major questions about the cosmos, but its data also inspired new theories about the origins of the universe that cannot be confirmed without even more powerful instruments. On December 22, an international partnership will launch the James Webb Space Telescope, a new cluster of instruments that will make Hubble look … Read more

NASA Awards $15M for Asteroid Hunting Telescopes on Maui

Pan-STARRS1 and Pan-STARRS2 telescopes on Haleakalā. PC: University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy (IfA). The University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy received a $15 million NASA grant to continue its world-leading efforts to discover Near-Earth Objects and Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. IfA’s Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) atop Haleakalā currently finds nearly as many NEOs and … Read more

Elon Musk chats about Starship and space telescopes … and Jeff Bezos’ rocket envy

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk chats with journalist Kara Swisher at the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Asa Mathat for Vox Media) In the latest chapter of a long-running space spat, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took aim at his billionaire rival Jeff Bezos today with a barrage of double entendres that were delivered … Read more

Rare Exoplanet Clouds Appear on NASA Hubble Space Telescope’s Data! But, They Don’t Contain Water

Some rare exoplanet clouds were discovered using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. These new clouds are floating in the atmosphere of an exoplanet called WASP-127b. (Photo : Photo credit should read -/AFP via Getty Images)Picture released 04 October 2006 by the European Space Agency shows an artist’s impression of a unique type of exoplanet discovered with … Read more