These researchers tempted by the ecological “bifurcation”

JULIEN PACAUD What happens in the research laboratories? Wind of rebellion, desertion, transition, bifurcation, even career reorientation…? What words can be used to describe this trend which announces that the scientific research of tomorrow may no longer be the same as that of yesterday? Indeed, more and more researchers are deciding to modify their way … Read more

Telecom operators tempted to increase the price of fixed and mobile plans

An Orange store, in Bordeaux (Gironde), on February 23, 2021. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP Massive investments, a lot of constraints and stagnant income. This is the economic situation in which the telecommunications market has been frozen in France for several years. The country’s operators have invested more than 11.5 billion euros in their networks in … Read more

Pentagon tempted by private concept of “orbital fuel station”

The said agreement on R&D cooperation was signed on October 14 this year. Within its framework, technology is to be transferred to the AFRL, with the advisory and engineering support of the American armed forces. Orbit Fab, involved in the cooperation, is an American startup specializing in the field of technologies related to satellite servicing, … Read more

Tempted by Sweet Promises, Suspected Child Victim Nia Daniaty Willing to Sell Rice and Cows : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- The victim of the alleged fraud passed the civil servant candidate test (CPNS) by Nia Daniaty’s daughter, Olivia Nathania came to Polda Metro Jaya, Friday (1/10/2021) to undergo an examination. Including a man named Sugiono and his family. According to Sugiono, he and his family have been harmed in the hundreds of millions. All … Read more

This is the portrait of Aunt Ernie’s sexy husband, are you sure you are still confident in being tempted? : Okezone Celebrity

TASTE very few people know about the portrait of Aunt Ernie’s sexy husband. Who is the life partner of this Unifying Aunt Aunt? The owner’s full name Ernie Judojono is married to a man named Irwan Judojono who is a wealthy director of a private bank. From their marriage for 20 years, Ernie and Irwan … Read more

MotoGP Aragon J2: Jack Miller (Ducati / 2) is tempted by a race bet and here it is

Jack Miller is not unhappy with his second time validated at the end of qualifying for the Grand Prix of Aragon. Except that it is his teammate Bagnaia who is in pole position. And not just a little: he holds it in respect for 366 thousandths, which is an abyss given the level of MotoGP … Read more

facing the Taliban, Westerners tempted by pragmatism

Zabihullah Mujahid (left), spokesperson for the Taliban, Tuesday August 17, in Kabul, during the movement’s first press conference since the capture of the capital. RAHMAT GUL / AP “We are the same as before, with the same ideology, but we have more experience. “ Tuesday August 17, in Kabul, during the very first press conference … Read more