Deployable Tether For De-Orbiting Satellites Demo’d By Millennium Space Systems Using Tethers Unlimited Terminator Tape® – SatNews

Millennium Space Systems, a Boeing (NYSE: BA) company, has successfully demonstrated the ability of deployable tether technology to significantly reduce the time a satellite remains on-orbit after service life completion. Dragracer is the first, direct comparison of a drag tape on two identical satellites. The satellite, outfitted with a 70 m Terminator Tape® developed by … Read more

The Tomorrow War On Prime Video: Terminator, Aliens, Starship Troopers… They Inspired Chris Pratt’s Film!

What classics of action cinema from the 80s was inspired by “The Tomorrow War”, the Amazon Prime Video blockbuster worn by Chris Pratt? Paramount Pictures Warning, the following is SPOILER if you haven’t seen “The Tomorrow War”. What is it about ? The world is stunned when a group of travelers arrive from the future … Read more

Terminator 2: This Is How The Famous Sequence Of The Kitchen With The T-1000 Was Shot

Time flies. Terminator 2: Final Judgment will be released in theaters around the globe in July 1991, forever changing the film industry and setting fire to an entire generation of viewers who elevated its protagonist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and its director, James Cameron. The filmmaker has confessed that writing the script was an odyssey and that … Read more

30 Years Since The Premiere Of The Movie ‘Terminator 2’ Are Celebrated

In 1984 James Cameron presented a small budget film, but shocking and violent. It was about Terminator, the story of an indestructible robot (T-800) that traveled to the past to kill a young woman and thus prevent her from giving birth to who would be the leader of the resistance in a war between humans … Read more

Terminator 2: James Cameron Revealed That He Came Up With The Character Of John Connor While He Was High | Tomatazos

In many cases, the sequels are usually not as good as the original film and, in fact, there are second parts that completely ruin a story. However, in the case of Terminator – 100%, Terminator 2: The Last Judgment – 92% was a worthy successor and is considered one of the best second installments in … Read more