Drake: Tight battle between him and Young Thug for first place on Bilboard 200 the week ahead

The last few weeks have been marked by some very big names in the American hip-hop industry, from a musical point of view. These hitmakers are so equal to each other that the result is a fierce competition for the top positions in the rankings. It is in this momentum that we are told that … Read more

Young Thug thinks French rappers are petty bourgeois

The American rapper loses an opportunity to be silent. It’s a video that went viral on Twitter. Invited to express himself on rap as it is seen and done in other countries, Young Thug proved his lack of culture by explaining that the French and English rappers were bourgeois who did nothing hot in the … Read more

BBC Ridley Road: Eddie Marsan’s career from 90s EastEnders thug to breaking Hollywood opposite Will Smith

Eddie Marsan is one of the UK’s most gifted and accomplished actors, and his leading role as Soly Malinovsky in the new BBC drama, Ridley Road, is testament to years of hard graft.. Often portraying villains throughout his 29-year-long career, his new role as hot-headed leader of the anti-fascist organisation 62 Group sees him finally … Read more