China’s Tianwen-1 mission is now orbiting Mars ahead of landing

By Leah Crane An artist’s impression of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft Shutterstock/Axel Monse Mars has another new visitor. The Chinese Tianwen-1 mission has entered orbit around the Red Planet, following the United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter by just one day and preceding the landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover by a week. This is China’s second interplanetary … Read more

China Zhurong Rover Marks Its 100 Days On Mars; Snaps Broad Panorama of the Utopia Planitia Area of Mars

China’s National Space Agency recently shared new photos of its Zhurong rover to honor the spacecraft’s 100th working day on Mars. South China Morning Post said the China National Space Administration issued the images, which revealed the rover’s route since it left the Tianwen-1 orbiter in May. CNSA added the new photos were taken about a … Read more

Zhurong Rover of China Completes First Mars Exploration Tasks of 90 Days; What Follows?

China’s Mars rover named Zhurong landed on the Red Planet on May 15, making China the third country to send a rover to Mars. Moreover, reported that the country made history as the first-ever to carry out an orbiting, landing, and exploring operation as its first Mars mission. Now, CGTN reported that the Zhurong rover … Read more

Zhurong, China’s Mars Rover, Lets Earth a Look at Its Parachute and Backshell

Zhurong, China’s Mars Rover, has given those back on Earth a glimpse of its parachute and backshell. This was made possible thanks to the Mars Rover’s hazard-avoidance cameras. The Zhurong was able to take black-and-white photos using the technology as well as one colored photo of the parachute-backshell. The parachute and backshell were all essential … Read more