Today On Cdiscount, The IPhone 12 Mini Is Cheaper Thanks To A Promo Code

The iPhone 12 mini, which offers the same power as the other models in the range in a reduced format, becomes more advantageous thanks to a reduction coupled with a promo code at Cdiscount: its price thus drops from 809 euros to 574 euros. Apple iPhone 12 Mini // Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau It … Read more

Listening to Kenny G debuts today on HBO Portugal

the documentary Listening to Kenny G, part of the HBO series Music Box, directed by Penny Lane (“Hail Satan?”) and executive produced by Bill Simmons (“Andre The Giant” of HBO, “Showbiz Kids”), takes a humorous but incisive look , about saxophonist Kenny G, the best-selling instrumental artist to date and possibly one of the most … Read more

What Is Cameron Diaz Doing Today After Retiring From Acting?

Although it seems strange, there are actors who over the years gave up the hectic life of the artist to have a normal life, without cameras on them. There are even cases of celebrities who completely disappeared from the scene, among these, Cameron Diaz, retired from Hollywood for a few years. What has become of … Read more

Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie Hold First Session Today : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Couple Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie will undergo their first trial regarding drug cases today, Thursday (2/12/2021). The news was confirmed by the Head of the Central Jakarta District Attorney, Bima Suprayoga. “We have received the trial schedule, tomorrow at the Central District Court, the schedule is at 10,” said Bima at the Central … Read more

Stefano Ferri, Today is another day the straight entrepreneur who dresses as a woman: “It wasn’t easy”

Stefano Ferri, the heterosexual entrepreneur who loves vextending as a woman, it is told to Today is another day during an interview with Serena Bortone during which she talks about her book and remembers her path, confessing that it was not easy at all. Stefano is in effect a Crossdresser, hence a person who likes … Read more

The Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido reopens today

The Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido officially reopens today, cornerstone of the brand of the same name because, in addition to being the place where entrepreneurs Erich e Andreas Falkensteiener were born, it was also the first structure run by the family. In the face of a conspicuous investment of 20 million euros, the hotel has … Read more

Why the SpaceX astronauts are returning to earth in diapers today

The four-man crew stayed in space for almost 200 days. Now it’s time to return – with a little problem … 08.11.2021, 06:1508.11.2021, 13:36 Returning from space is never easy. For the space crew, known as “Crew-2”, it has now become a bit more arduous: The SpaceX capsule’s toilet is broken. This was confirmed by … Read more

“There is absolutely no containment that is planned today, neither near nor far,” says Gabriel Attal

“Some speak of shuddering, but we are not in a wave of waves at the hospital,” said Gabriel Attal on France Inter. Article written by Posted the 11/16/2021 09:53 Reading time : 2 min. “There is absolutely no containment that is planned today, neither near nor far”, said Tuesday, November 16 on France Inter Gabriel … Read more

From improvisation to mainstream, hip hop celebrates today 47 years

short Music Non Stop no Facebook It was at street parties known as block parties that the mixture of jazz, funk, blues, reggae and Caribbean rhythms took shape at the hands of the DJ Kool Herc, a Jamaican immigrant, and then began what would become this great world cultural phenomenon. Known by the nickname “father … Read more

The new 5-star South Tyrolean Manna Resort opens today

Located a few kilometers from Bolzano, in the locality of Doladizza / Montagna, the Manna Resort is making its debut today: a 5-star hotel with 15 suites and three private chalets obtained from the conversion of an old sawmill, with the intention of creating a structure in harmony with the surrounding nature, according to a … Read more