Sirey Morán Opens Up About Her NBL Teammates: She Told Them Her Truths!

Univision What Sirey Morán thinks of her companions in Nuestra Belleza Latina Missing only two finery so that the followers of Nuestra Belleza Latina know the name of the contestants who will take the crown, as well as an exclusive contract para works with Univision, and the queens have opened up about what they think … Read more

Gf Vip, Davide Silvestri kisses Alex Belli and makes him a confession. Here’s what she told him

Confessions and unexpected gestures to the Big Brother Vip. Davide Silvestri he kissed his friend Alex Belli and confided her future intentions to him. It all started because the production decided to entertain competitors with a series of games. In what was called the “GF Game Night” all the gieffini were involved. Among the many … Read more

The World in Florence, from 25 to 26 November the territories of the world are told

“The World in Florence”, the 1st Festival of cultural expressions of the world is scheduled in Florence, at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, on 25 and 26 November 2021. The event is promoted by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and involves the territories of the world in a storytelling of places to make them known in a … Read more

“He told me they were separated, he deceived me”

In Argentina the Wanda Nara – Mauro Icardi case has become of national interest. After Wanda’s act of withdrawal from Icardi and the stored via Instagram to Eugenia «La China» Suarez, referred to as a “bitch” ruining weddings, the beautiful showgirl answers in rhymes. And reveals the lies that the Paris Saint Germain bomber would … Read more

NASA Told to Pick Second Company to Build Moon Lander

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been told by the Senate to pick a second company to build the moon lander that will be used for the space agency’s Artemis program. NASA initially decided to award the contract only to SpaceX despite being expected to pick out two of the three companies that … Read more

the arrest of a resistant teacher in 1943 told by his former students

Marcel Beaussier, a former student of the municipal boys’ school where the instiutor and resistance fighter Adrien Tigeot was arrested, addresses the students of the David-d’Angers high school, in Corzé, Maine-et-Loire, on October 14, 2021. LAURENT COMBET FOR “THE WORLD” In Corzé, the rue du commerce has not changed much since 1943. In this rural … Read more

“I was bullied, they told me I was Elio e le Storie Tese”. The social response of the band is all to laugh about

The beautiful Miriam Leone, as a young man it was teasing about his physical appearance. In particular, one detail was targeted by schoolmates: the Thick eyebrows. Precisely for this he came compared to Elio and the Tense Stories. The answer from the Milanese band is all to laugh. Read also> Isola dei Famosi, a clash … Read more

“The US story has been told from one point of view too long” – Celebs.Cool

In slave-owning America, the Underground Railroad was the network of roads and anonymous neighbors that helped slaves flee their masters to freedom. In the novel Colson Whitehead published about it in 2017 and with which he won the Pulitzer and National Book Prizes, the railroad is literally a train that runs underground transporting African Americans … Read more

International Gamer Day. Discover the history of video games told through 10 historical consoles

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Created in 2008, the date was an initiative of Spanish magazines specialized in games to celebrate those who are aficionados of electronic games, no matter if you are a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer, on this date we celebrate the passion we have for our consoles, learnings , … Read more

“The doctors told me it was too late”

Clizia Incorvaia pregnant: “The doctors told me it was too late.” The actress posted on Instagram a photo of her with her partner, Paolo Ciavarro proudly showing the ultrasound, known during the Big Brother Vip 4. Read also> Paolo Ciavarro and Clizia Incorvaia are expecting a child: “Between the end of February and the beginning … Read more