Impressive video shows the Mars-bound rocket’s launch tower

SpaceX’s Starship is gearing up for its biggest challenge yet. On Sunday, CEO Elon Musk shared a video of the launch tower for the under-development rocket via Twitter. Located at the company’s Texas facility, the tower will support both launching and catching the giant rocket — which will help SpaceX achieve a rapid turnaround time … Read more

SpaceX simulates lifting Starship with launch tower ‘arms’

SpaceX has taken Starbase’s rocket-catching launch tower ‘arms’ to new heights during the latest series of proof tests. That process began in earnest on January 4th, when SpaceX lifted, opened, and swung the tower’s building-sized arms for the first time. Four days later, SpaceX performed a variation on the first round of tests, again slowly … Read more

SpaceX Starship ‘launch tower’ spreads its rocket-catching arms

Update: Shortly after publishing, SpaceX began a much more ambitious series of tests with the Starship launch tower’s two main arms, which are designed to lift and (one day) catch Starships and Super Heavy boosters. After lifting the arm carriage about 15m (~50 ft), several times higher than January 3rd’s far more conservative kickoff, SpaceX … Read more

Opponents of the Triangle Tower seize criminal justice

Computer-generated view of the Triangle tower, in Paris. AP PHOTO / HERZOG AND DE MEURON The arrival of two first excavators, Friday December 10, Porte de Versailles, for “Some preparatory work”, before the actual start of the work in January 2022, did not begin the determination of some to prevent at all costs the construction … Read more

Recommended Movies in December 2021, My Sassy Girl to the History of the Eiffel Tower: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The film My Sassy Girl is back in Indonesia. The film, dubbed as one of the best Korean films of all time, is back for fans in Indonesia. Apart from that, there are also other Korean box offices, such as Escape From Mogadishu, and Pipeline which aired on KlikFilm. Then from within the … Read more

in Seine-Saint-Denis, the evacuation of a disputed tower

By Isabelle Rey-Lefebvre Posted today at 04:58, updated at 11:55 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThree hundred people are forced to leave their accommodation in the Obélisque tower in Epinay-sur-Seine. Out of four building appraisals, only one considers the danger to be serious and imminent. This Monday, November 22, at the foot of the Obélisque tower, … Read more

In Paris, renewed controversies around the future Triangle tower

Model of the Triangle tower by the architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, presented at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, in Paris, in November 2014. JOEL SAGET / AFP The Triangle Tower, this pyramid of forty floors supposed to become a symbol of the greatness of Paris, will she really see the light of day? Thirteen … Read more

Angela Merkel says goodbye to EU summit with standing applause – “Like Paris without the Eiffel Tower”

Bund-Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was adopted with standing applause at what will probably be her last EU summit. After a speech of thanks by Council President Charles Michel, the other heads of state and government rose on Friday and applauded the longest serving head of government, as an EU diplomat announced. On her departure from … Read more

Edoardo Bennato publishes an unpublished version of “The Tower of Babel”

In 1976, Edoardo Bennato released the album The Tower of Babel. After 45 years, a special version of the work arrives with the original remastered tapes and 16 live tracks. The disc – already available in pre-order – exits the8 October 2021 per Sony Music / Legacy Recordings. The Babel tower is one of the … Read more