In Lyon, the salvos of the right against the “loco-local” culture “of the ecological town hall

The National Opera of Lyon. BERNARD JAUBERT/ONLY FRANCE VIA AFP Permanently taxed by their opponents of sectarianism and amateurism, since their election in June 2020, the new executives led by environmentalists in the metropolis and the city of Lyon have for several weeks been subjected to targeted criticism of their cultural policy. The Lyon right-wing … Read more

Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lyon… The cultural vagueness of green town halls

“Le Sapin de verre”, on Place Pey-Berland, directed by Arnaud Lapierre. In Bordeaux, December 10, 2021. UGO AMEZ / SIPA When Pierre Hurmic, then candidate of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) for the municipal elections of March 2020, spoke of Bordeaux, he announced that he wanted to make it “A city of arts and cultures”, with … Read more

Dawson Springs: The Tornado Took the Town of the Governor of Kentucky | International

Against his custom, Ernie Aiken, an 86-year-old retired mechanic and father of three, decided on Friday night, when tornado alarms went off, to stay in the caravan that called home and not take refuge in the store across the street. , better prepared for the storm. It would have made the same thing: in a … Read more

the town hall of Bouc-Bel-Air takes the opposite view

In the Squid Game series, participants indulge in children’s games in the hope of winning a large sum. But if they lose, they are executed. – Youngkyu Park / Netflix / AFP 6244892569001_6283521511001 “If I move, do I die?” Asks a child. To take the opposite view of the ultra-violent Korean series Squid Game, which … Read more

San Pedro, the small Ivorian town that dreams of modernity

To not miss anything on African news, subscribe to the newsletter of World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of World Africa. View of the port of San Pedro, Ivory Coast, September 13, 2016. PATRICK FORT / AFP Tenon … Read more

The 35-hour case tends to strain relations between town halls and the executive

A cleanliness officer from the City of Paris, Place d’Italie, May 31, 2019. PATRICK GELS / SIPA Time is tightening and the debate is tense. Less than six months before the presidential election, the issue of working time for local officials is causing renewed nervousness between the government and its opponents. The law on the … Read more

in China, Jurong, ghost town of Evergrande

By Simon Leplâtre Posted today at 01:03 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThis mega-complex which was to accommodate apartment buildings, shops and amusement park is at a standstill, like most of the promoter’s projects in difficulty. An example of the real estate bubble which is inflating in the country. Sitting around small round tables, Evergrande’s real … Read more

In southern Mexico, Tapachula, a “prison town” for migrants

Migrants from Haiti, in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, September 16, 2021. EDGARD GARRIDO / REUTERS It was on an old cardboard that Ernst Cadet, a 34-year-old Haitian, spent the night, right next to the Refugee Assistance Commission (Comar) of Tapachula, city of Chiapas, in southern Mexico, backed by at the Guatemalan border. “I have been stuck … Read more

in Couffouleux, not far from Toulouse, “the inhabitants are afraid that their town will become a dormitory town”

Couffouleux station, in May 2015. CAROLINE LENA BECKER / CC BY 2.0 “We had left a year to test our new life. When it comes time to take stock, one thing is certain: I don’t miss traffic jams ”, says, smiling, Florence Millet. “We have no regrets”, affirms this 30-year-old, who explains the advantages of … Read more

The body of a wolf found in front of a town hall in Hautes-Alpes, a complaint has been filed

The investigation for destruction of a protected species was opened by the prosecution and was entrusted to the research brigade of the gendarmerie of Gap in cosaisine with the French Biodiversity Office. MARTIN BUREAU / AFP An act « inadmissible », ruled immediately after its discovery the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, and who also angered … Read more