Chiquis Travels To Mexico Accompanied By Her Mother Jenni Rivera

Getty Images Chiquis and Jenni Rivera Chiquis traveled to Mexico to promote his album “Queen Bee”, the fourth of his career and the first in which he “thinks he really knows what he’s doing.” With her were her assistant, her hair and make-up team, her manager and her sister jenicka. Like a stowaway that passes … Read more

Biden announces new policy towards Cuba that expands access to flights

Marietta Medialdea, 59, holds a heart-shaped box of candy with a message to President Biden to restart consular services in Cuba. Daniel A. Varela [email protected] The Biden administration will reinstate flights to Cuban cities other than Havana and a family reunification program suspended for years, following recommendations from a long-awaited review of U.S. policy toward … Read more

Harmonia Travel and One People Travels join forces

Sara Sampieri Harmonia Travel e One People Travels have joined their forces to offer the Italian market an important new product that can be of help to those who are looking for their customer something that can whet their propensity to travel, to discover and combine two destinations. as different as they are very similar. … Read more

Gattinoni’s fam trip mice and business travels are back on track

The incentives start again and with them the fam trip mice and business travel brands by Gattinoni. All in a context in which market trends have changed compared to before the pandemic: for the first four / six months of 2022, in fact, most of Gattinoni’s client companies aim to organize proximity events. Italy is … Read more

Kel 12 – Maurizio Levi’s travels in roadshow to present an unprecedented Saudi Arabia

From left, Maurizio Levi and Gianluca Rubino Bergamo, Bologna e Roma they were the first cities to host the Kel 12 evenings – Maurizio Levi’s Travels dedicated to Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Saudi Tourism Authority. A roadshow organized in locations with a strong cultural and artistic vocation, in line with the philosophy of … Read more

Buzz Accidentally Time Travels In Lightyear

Does Pixar’s Lightyear trailer hint toward a time travel storyline, where Chris Evans’ Buzz is hurled into the far future following a mission gone wrong? When Toy Story 2 fleshed out Buzz Lightyear’s action figure backstory, even the visionaries at Pixar surely didn’t expect their hilarious Star Wars parody would one day become a gritty feature-length movie. But this isn’t 1999, … Read more

Abba travels through time on his “Voyage” in peace and dignity

Call the Guinnesses, we have a record here! One of the biggest global stars in history, now an inconspicuous group of quite vital seventies, released an album of new songs after forty years. Forty. Years. Abba and her Voajáž Voajáž, tedy “Travel”! It’s one of the most sensational things that has ever happened in popular … Read more

The Czech Republic receives the Safe Travels label from the Wttc

Also there Czech Republic can boast the international “Safe Travels Stamp” from the Wttc. “It is fantastic that World Tourism Day was celebrated by the Czech Republic with the ‘Safe Travels’ brand – he said. Klára Dostálová, Minister for Regional Development -. I believe that the status of a safe tourist destination, with which the … Read more

Spanish Prime Minister travels to La Palma to learn about the volcano — DNOTICIAS.PT

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will visit today the island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands, where the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted this afternoon, his services said. “Given the situation on the island of La Palma, the president postponed the trip scheduled for today to New York”, where he will participate in the General … Read more

A Musical Tour Travels Through Spain Passing Through A Town Of 46 Inhabitants !! In Castilla-La Mancha

The Suakai group, dedicated to the production of musical and scenic shows, will begin on August 7 in Navarra a tour of “Music in every corner”, which will program an adaptation of its show “Luces, Música, Acción” in 16 appointments in the smallest towns of each autonomous community. Thus, except for the islands, Suakai will … Read more