Ardhito Pramono Arrested, Auto Trending Topic : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Wednesday, January 12, 2022, a well-known young film actor and musician, Ardhito Pramono, was arrested by the police for a drug abuse case. When confirmed, the West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Ady Wibowo confirmed the arrest. “Yes, that’s right, his party has just secured a public figure, a feature film actor, … Read more

Jung Jae In and Jisoo’s Eyes Make Snowdrop Episode 9 Trending: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – One of Blackpink’s personnel, Kim Ji-soo aka Jisoo became the main character in the Korean drama titled Snowdrop. Had been criticized because the first episode was judged to deviate from history, Snowdrop was in fact able to continue airing until last night. Entering episode nine, the drama, which is also played by Jung … Read more

Trending Baby Doll Upbringing, Ivan Gunawan: He Continues My Treasure and Throne: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Not only known as a singer and presenter, Boy William is also known as a content creator who often dominates Indonesian YouTube trends. Recently, not long since the video was uploaded with Ivan Gunawan, it has reached trending #2 on YouTube Indonesia. In the video Boy William mentions that he heard the news that … Read more

“Squid Game”, Kurt Krömer, Vaccination and the NBA

#trending #trending number 954 – Wednesday, September 28, 2021 Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm Good morning! Today an apolitical #trending issue. Nothing substantial happened in Berlin on Tuesday that would have been enough to cause a social media excitement or hit. Certainly not stay that way for the next few days. #trending // „Squid Game“ … Read more

this anime beat Squid Game in trending on social network

A few days ago we presented the list of the most popular animes by country for the year 2021, the opportunity for us to see that certain works, considered today as classics of the genre, are and will remain unmistakable monuments for fans. And if you thought that the animes were popular lately, new information … Read more

Trending Topic Ahead of the Premiere of Street Children A New Beginning of GTV, Makes Auto Viewers Impatient : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Tomorrow at 19.45 WIB on GTV, Anrez Adelio, Ersya Aurel, Angga Putra, Aditya Suryo, Camela Van de Kruk, Rizky Djanbi, Catherine Elshad, James Thomas to Cakrawala Airawan are ready to perform stunning acting in Street Children A New Beginning. It has been widely reported in various national online media and has gone viral on … Read more

Sebastian Kurz, Zeynep Avci, a “real” “Squid Game”

#trending #trending number 962 – Monday, October 11, 2021 Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm Good Morning! “Seldom has a more intelligent book been at the top of the German bestseller list,” said Denis Scheck last night in “Hot off the press” about Hervé Le Tellier’s “Die Anomalie”, which aroused my curiosity. If you had … Read more

Vaccine for Children, International Day Against Violence against Women, “Squid Game In Real Life”

#trending #trending number 990 – Friday, November 26th, 2021 Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm Good Morning! Another #trending week is over. I will spend the next two evenings without social networks, largely without news, instead with “heute-show”, “Ted Lasso”, “Ms. Jordan” and other mood lifters. You’d better do that too! #trending // vaccine for … Read more

Lockdown for the unvaccinated, #allesindenArm, Taylor Swift

#trending #trending number 981 – Monday, November 15, 2021 Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm Good Morning! Last night I went to a theater for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. At Siegfried & Joy and their magic show “Lass Vegas!”, Known from Instagram, among others. Extremely fun and suitable for the … Read more

5 Trending Hobbies That Take You Back in the Past – Chihuahua News – La Parada Digital

Talking about hobbies in these times, even when the pandemic continues to do its thing around the world, is to remember all the hobbies that 2020 brought – a year in which confinement managed to remove many of them from the trunk of memories that had been forgotten. It is interesting to inquire about the … Read more