Apple briefly exceeds $ 3 trillion in market capitalization

Nothing seems to be able to stop the progression of the price of Apple, which has yet disappointed analysts in its last quarter, completed at the end of September and published at the end of October. MIKE SEGAR / REUTERS Apple crossed, Monday, January 3, the symbolic threshold of 3,000 billion dollars (approximately 2,655 billion … Read more

Hertz announces the purchase of 100,000 electric cars from Tesla and raises their market value above a trillion dollars

Published: 26 oct 2021 00:03 GMT According to Bloomberg, the contract with the car rental giant will bring Elon Musk’s company a profit of 4.2 billion dollars. The car rental company Hertz announced on Monday the purchase of 100,000 electric cars from Tesla as a first step to electrify its fleet of vehicles. According to … Read more

Auto maker Tesla joins club of $ 1 trillion companies

The car rental company Hertz has announced that it will buy 100,000 electric vehicles from Tesla to modernize its fleet. JOHN THYS / AFP Tesla, the world leader in electric cars, broke the $ 1 trillion (861 billion euros) mark in market capitalization on Monday, October 25. The firm developed by Elon Musk joins the … Read more

The 4 Trillion Dollar Relay: This Is How Cook And Nadella Are Improving The Numbers Of Jobs And Gates / Ballmer

Ten years (and a few days) since Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple for his poor health and gave the throne to Tim Cook, until then director of operations. Jobs died less than two months later, something that ended up catapulting a funereal setting that transcended human demise: the idea that Apple had lost … Read more

One trillion package in the USA: a windfall for America’s ailing roads, bridges, rails

Dhe infrastructure program passed in the US Senate on Tuesday is one of the great successes for President Joe Biden during his six-month term in office. The legislative package amounting to one trillion dollars (around 850 billion euros) enables the government to make significant, sometimes urgently needed investments in roads, bridges, rails, local public transport, … Read more

Great Success, The Conjuring Universe Earns IDR 28 Trillion Profit at International Box Office : Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS- Shocking news comes from the film production house The Conjuring, New Line Cinema. They reveal The Conjuring Universe franchise has made huge profits Not kidding, even the figure reached USD 2 billion aka IDR 28 trillion at the international box office. “Thank you filmmakers, actors, crew, and fans for making The Conjuring Universe … Read more

What does the Democrats’ new $ 3.5 trillion social plan cover? Telemundo

The Democratic leadership in the Senate offered more details on the $ 3.5 trillion legislative proposal they announced Tuesday night. At a luncheon this Wednesday with the president, Joe Biden, and his peers on the bench, Senators Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader; Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Budget Committee, and Mark Warner, vice chairman of the … Read more