“The scar will stay for life.” The response of the analyzes

Valentina Ferragni in recent days she underwent surgery to remove what looked like a simple pimple, but which the doctors had immediately identified as a potential danger to her health. Unfortunately, after the analyzes, the dreaded response arrived: it was a malignant skin tumor. Read also> Arisa between dance and pop: “I feel like porn, … Read more

“They wrote ‘Let’s hope it’s a tumor’, but she’s even more beautiful”

Valentina Ferragni has skin cancer and the boyfriend Luca Vezil wrote a long post on Instagram to answer all haters who criticized her for sharing concern for a pimple. What the sister of Chiara Ferragni unfortunately he feared it came true. “Unfortunately it wasn’t a cyst, but a basal cell carcinoma”, the girl revealed this … Read more

“I can’t wait to get my life back in hand”

Here ends the cycle of chemotherapy from Carolina Marconi for his fight against the tumor breast. The former gieffina has literally crossed the final finish line of her battle and celebrated with her loved ones, complete with cake and balloons. “The sun always comes back after every storm” is the motto of the joyful surprise … Read more

“They removed both breasts, I’m afraid”

Carolina Marconi in a long letter published in his stories of Instagram, told the operation of mastectomy (the surgical removal of the breasts) she underwent in April this year after she was diagnosed with a tumor. Marconi recalled her experience on the occasion of Bra Day, the international day for breast reconstruction awareness. “I went … Read more

Elena Krawzow: Tumor in the head! Drama about our Paralympics star – sports mix

“As long as I am still fit in my head, I wanted to tell myself what is.” Huge drama about our visually impaired swimmer Elena Krawzow (27), who won Paralympics gold over 100 m breaststroke in Tokyo. She has known for over a week that a tumor is raging in her head. In BamS she … Read more

Shannen Doherty and the fight against cancer, the shock photo from the bed. And an invitation: “Be brave”

“For the awareness month on the breast cancer, I would like share something more about my personal journey from first diagnosis at the second. Is everything nice? NO, but it is true ». On Instagram, the actress Shannen Doherty, that made millions of young people dream with the character Brenda in Beverly Hills e Prue in The … Read more

“Teresa was very strong, my legs gave out”

Jovanotti testimonial of the European Institute of Oncology (Ieo) of Milan, after the daughter Teresa defeated a tumor. The singer-songwriter recounted the experience he had with his daughter’s illness, a case that demonstrates the importance of prevention. Read also> Sandro Giacobbe to “Today is another day”, the tragedy of his son Andrea’s tumor: “A doctor … Read more

“I wanted a child and I discovered an aggressive tumor.” Toffanin in tears

Carolina Marconi bursts into tears a very true: «I wanted a child and I discovered an aggressive tumor“. Toffanin in tears. Today, the former gieffina was a guest in the Sunday parlor of Canale 5 and talked about her biggest battle, breast cancer. Read also> Claudio Amendola bursts into tears at Verissimo: “My wife Francesca … Read more

Brazilian Pelé underwent surgery for a “suspicious” colon tumor

Brazilian Pelé attends the FIFA World Cup draws in Moscow in December 2017. ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO / AP Football star Pelé underwent tumor surgery on Saturday “Suspicious” in the colon, announced Monday, September 6, the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian is “Recovering” in an intensive care unit, the facility added. “Thank God I … Read more

Magnetic helmet shrank a malignant tumor in the world’s first test

Technology has often been a powerful ally in the various fields of medicine. In fact, we already know many devices capable of detecting a multitude of diseases, as well as acting against them. This time, in a world premiere, a magnetic helmet managed to reduce a malignant tumor. The device can be easily operated at … Read more