“Love Is in the Air”: Get to know Kerem Bürsin’s hobby and his relationship with LEGO and Star Wars | Turkish soap operas | nnda nnlt | SHOWS

turkish actor Kerem Bursin, considered one of the most sought-after leading men in Ottoman productions and who starred in the soap opera “Love Is in the Air”, has always been seen as a serious, attractive and mature man; however, what no one knew is that the couple from Hande Ercel is a big fan of … Read more

Kerem Bürsin: LEGO and Star Wars, the hobby that nobody knew about the Love Is in the Air actor | Turkish soap operas | nnda nnlt | FAME

Turkish actor Kerem Bursin, considered one of the most sought-after gallants of Ottoman productions and who starred in the telenovela “Love Is in the Air”, He has always been seen as a serious, attractive and mature man; However, what nobody knew is that the couple of Hande Ercel He is a huge fan of the … Read more

Santorini volcano eruption 3,500 years ago hit the Turkish coast

Articulated skeleton of a young man in the rubble of the Tsunami in Tchesmé. The curve of the excavation around the skeleton marks the extent and shape of the deposit. SAHOGLU ET AL 2022 Plato probably did not invent everything in his evocation of Atlantis in two of his works. Since the discovery, from the … Read more

Turkish lira on the brink: Erdogan steers Turkey into bankruptcy

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SpaceX set for launch of Turkish satellite, making way for 2021’s last

Space is important to us and that’s why we’re working to bring you top coverage of the industry and Florida launches. Journalism like this takes time and resources. Please support it with a subscription here. — A Turkish communications satellite is set for liftoff on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket this weekend, making way for Florida’s last mission of … Read more

Souk Restaurant debuts “Winter Festival” with Turkish flavors and live blues – Chefs and Restaurants

For the menu, owner Daniela Azeredo, who combines two of her favorite hobbies at the Souk, gastronomy and travel, brought special flavors such as Menemen (6 euros), one of the mandatory dishes for Turkish breakfast, originated in the region from Izmir, it brings scrambled eggs in an aromatic tomato and pepper sauce, and is served … Read more

Checo Pérez will start sixth with his Red Bull in the Turkish GP

Ahead of Checo Pérez will be Leclerc, Gasly and Alonso, whom he will have to attack from the start to seek the podium in Turkey; subscribe to Star + to experience F1 The Mexican Czech Pérez ranked seventh in the Turkish Grand Prix, but due to the penalty of Lewis Hamilton for the engine change … Read more

My daughter: Beren Gokyildiz’s other hobbies | Kizim | All for my daughter | Turkish soap operas | nnda-nnlt | FAME

Beren Gokyildiz, the Turkish child star who is known worldwide for being the protagonist of “My daughter”, The Ottoman telenovela that set a record for ratings in Spain and other countries, says that he is passionate about other things besides acting. Attentive to the note. MORE INFORMATION: “A house for Azul”, the latest from Beren … Read more

‘Infiel’, The New Turkish Series Of Antena 3 Already Has A Premiere Date

Ottoman fictions have surprisingly high audience numbers in Spain. Antena 3 knows it and precisely because of this, it will bet ‘Infiel’, a serial about the adventures of love, disappointment, lies and revenge that star two characters called Asya Yilmaz and Volkan. Image of ‘Infiel’, the new series that will be broadcast by Antena 3 … Read more

“Innocents” ONLINE LIVE: Time And How To Watch The Turkish Soap Opera “Wounded Souls”

Antena 3 is betting on a new Turkish soap opera, it is about “Innocents” (“Masumlar Apartmanı” in its original language), also known as “Wounded souls ”. The new production, starring Han (Birkan Sokullu) and Inci (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), has just been added to the television channel’s grid and has been well received by the Spanish … Read more