green turning point to relaunch tourism

Thanks to the collaboration of the Golf Resort il Pelagone with CeR the new project will aim to enhance tourism in the area and generate a positive impact on the local economy, creating new jobs linked to the expansion of the accommodation facility and the new services available to guests. An all-round project for the … Read more

“Behind the diplomatic activity triggered by the Aukus crisis is perhaps taking shape a major transatlantic turning point”

Emmanuel Macron speaks with Joe Biden during a NATO summit in Brussels, June 14, 2021. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AP Chronic. Make the crisis an opportunity. After utterly shouting out its anger over the way in which France was excluded from the negotiation on the US-Anglo-Australian Aukus defense agreement, Paris would now like to seize the … Read more

He has already caught up with a deficit – will Laschet manage the turning point miracle with Merkel? – Domestic policy

With a brilliant final spurt in the last few days, Armin Laschet (60, CDU) surprisingly won the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017 – and became Prime Minister! Now Laschet wants to become Chancellor – and is relying on the winning strategy from back then. Eleven days before the election. ► As in 2017, … Read more

“The decision of the Chinese state could mark a turning point”

In Beijing, August 31, 2021. NOEL CELIS / AFP Losses and profits. It is fashionable in France to castigate “the nanny state”, which infantilizes its fellow citizens, by telling them whether they have the right to leave their homes or by forcing them to be vaccinated. But what about a power that prohibits children from … Read more

The Afghan turning point of the Islamic State organization – Un si Middle East

Eight years after its founding in Syria, it is in Afghanistan that the jihadist organization has just inflicted its heaviest losses on the American army. A Taliban on duty on August 27 at the site of the attack carried out the day before in Kabul by the Afghan branch of ISIS (Walid Kohsar, AFP) The … Read more

The Navalny affair, a turning point in Russian history

Workers cover graffiti depicting Russian opponent Alexei Navalny in St. Petersburg on April 28. OLGA MALTSEVA / AFP Editorial of the “World”. In the tumultuous history of relations between Russia and the West, the Navalny affair – Alexeï Navalny today signs a courageous platform in The world against Vladimir Putin and international corruption – will … Read more

Bjorn Kuipers announces the end of his career and remembers a Napoli-Benfica: «It was the turning point» – International

30 July 2021 – 18:42 48-year-old referee bids farewell on 7 August, when he takes charge of the Dutch Super Cup between Ajax and PSV Referee Bjorn Kuipers announced, via the official website of the Dutch Football Association (KNVB), that he will put an end to his career after 32 years. The judge, who directed … Read more

SpaceX is almost ready to start turning Starship’s launch tower into ‘Mechazilla’

After a burst of activity and custom part deliveries, SpaceX appears to be almost ready to start turning Starship’s vast launch tower into what CEO Elon Musk has described as a “Mechazilla.” Over the last few weeks, a number of new components have begun to quickly take shape, offering the first real glimpse of what … Read more

the Parliament definitively adopts the text, an “ecological turning point” according to the government, a “lack of ambition” for the NGOs

The National Assembly broadly supported the text by 233 votes to 35, after a vote by show of hands in the Senate. Article written by Posted the 07/20/2021 19:17 Update the 07/20/2021 19:30 Reading time : 1 min. In front of “the climate emergency”, the Parliament definitively adopted, Tuesday July 20, the emblematic bill “Climate … Read more