Ghea Indrawari: Niko Junius Turns Weaknesses into Strengths : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Indonesian Idol Season 9 dropout singer Ghea Indrawari again presents fun and entertaining content on her YouTube channel. Ghea who often invites cool guest stars to chat together, this time invites Niko Junius to have fun chatting together. Niko Junius is a content creator who often makes comedy videos that go viral on … Read more

Accused of Actors, Thalita Latief Turns Off Instagram Comment Column : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Thalita Latief is in the spotlight on social media. The reason is that Dennis Rizky’s ex-wife is accused of being a pelakor alias usurper for men because she is dating a married man. Seeing the excitement of the news, Thalita Latief did not immediately confirm it. He just closed his Instagram comment column. READ … Read more

Tiziano Ferro Rosso relative turns 20 and returns to shops

Tiziano Ferro Relative red. The singer-songwriter from Latina is ready to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his first album next November It was October 26, 2001 in fact when, after a record summer with the debut song, Xdono, and the release of the next single. The Olympics, arrived in record stores (then only physical), Relative … Read more

Uncomfortable Laughter, Explicit Turns And Kissing “whoever You Want”: The Protagonist Of ‘Sex Education’ Confesses

Asa Butterfield can be forgiven for being freaky, so to speak. Born in London 24 years ago, he has been acting since he was nine, he attended a good part of his studies at home and his first roles were in box office such as The boy in striped pajamas (2008) and Hugo’s invention (2011), … Read more

The Algorithm That Promotes Hate Speech Turns A Boomerang Against Facebook

Ilustracin: Pablo Blasberg The algorithm that facilitates the circulation of hate speech is becoming a boomerang for Facebook and Instagram, but some complaints indicate that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has not decided to modify it because the mechanism generates interactions, even though it attacks vulnerable groups and contradicts the objective of creating a “meaningful and healthy” … Read more

Far from being in the media spotlight, it turns out that Andy Lau’s wife is a former beauty queen: Okezone Celebrity

HONG KONG – Andy Lau is one of the Hong Kong actors who is very secretive about his personal life. So secretive, he even had time to cover up his marriage to Carol Chu for years. But in an interview in 2018, the 60-year-old actor admitted that he had deliberately hidden his marriage from the … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Turns Into Assassin For Action-packed ‘the Mother’ Scene In Vancouver – Photos E! News Uk

Jennifer Lopez has slipped into a cool new character while filming her upcoming Netflix movie, “The Mother.” From head stripper in scammers to a fleeing assassin! Jennifer Lopez sported a rugged look on Monday, October 4 as she was spotted in Vancouver filming a scene for her upcoming Netflix thriller, The mother. The 52-year-old actress … Read more

Regiondo Italia turns the spotlight on digital transformation

Regiondo Italy participates again this year in the Ttg Travel Experience, with many new features, starting from a larger stand to network and increase the Italian digital know-how. The company specializing in booking systems for activities and tourist attractions will host an important event entitled: “Virtuous Networks and Digital Transformation” dedicated to dmc, dmo and … Read more

Spacecraft tech turns moon dust into “near-instant” landing pads

Aerospace company Masten Space Systems has tested a NASA-backed technology to protect lunar landers from dangerous moon dust during both landing and takeoff. The challenge: To slow their descent onto the moon, lunar landers fire their engines just before reaching its surface, which kicks up the mix of powdery dust and sharp rocks coating the … Read more