Netflix: Twilight Star Kristen Stewart Finally Married To Her Sweetheart?

Kristen Stewart is said to be a married woman. The Twilight star was reportedly seen wearing a wedding ring while out with his partner. Many rumors claim that Kristen Stewart married her girlfriend Dylan Meyer. Pictures of the couple, published by The Mirror, sow doubt … MCE TV tells you more! Kristen Stewart married? Kristen … Read more

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Twilight: 5 Actresses Who Could Have Stolen The Role From Kristen Stewart

Discover five famous actresses who almost lent their faces to Bella, the heroine of the “Twilight” saga, before Kristen Stewart was finally chosen. Summit Entertainment Emily Browning 2012 FINDLAY Productions Limited Even before the castings started for Twilight, novelist Stephenie Meyer had let it be known on her blog that she wanted this young actress … Read more