In Sète, behind the opposition to underground parking, the fear of seeing new cars arriving in town

Panoramic view of Sète (Hérault), where the parking construction project divides this city of 43,700 inhabitants. BRUNO BARBIER / PHOTONONSTOP Nothing seems to disturb the tranquility that emanates from Place Aristide-Briand, located in the city center of Sète (Hérault). Around 10 a.m. on this Saturday morning in January, children climb the climbing wall and slide … Read more

On the tribute album dedicated to Velvet Underground, Michael Stipe and St. Vincent

Even before the October premiere of the documentary film “Velvet Underground”, another nice recording related to this legendary band will be released. It will be an album on which a number of musicians from Michael Stipe through Iggy Pop to St. Vincent. It will be called “I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute to the Velvet … Read more

Cannes 2021: ‘Val’ Rediscovers Val Kilmer, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Debut Feature Brings Us Closer To Jane Birkin, And Todd Haynes Seeks The Genius Of ‘The Velvet Underground’

It is Cannes 2021 has been the edition of the films that compete, but do not compete, the edition with three official sections to accommodate all the big names what the festival He does not want to miss out, but neither does he put in the race for the Palme d’Or. We have official out … Read more

Cannes 2021 – Day 3: Matt Damon, A Cow, François Ozon, The Velvet Underground And Benedetta

Every morning, between the film, the interview and the star of the day, the hot spot live from the 74th Cannes film festival. The movie of the day: Benedetta de Paul Verhoeven Be careful, Verhoeven is coming! Expected in Cannes for two years, his Benedetta was strategically programmed this Friday, July 9, just to give … Read more

Construction of the Einstein underground telescope included in the EU “road map”

The “Einstein Telescope” refers to the design of a large underground and most advanced European (third generation) gravitational wave observatory to date. In the Einstein Telescope (ET), the detection capabilities are to be much greater than in existing devices. The ET system is to extend, like the LISA detector, along three axes arranged on an … Read more