Labor market: These regions are quickly leaving the crisis behind

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The new calculation of unemployment benefit goes back to the Council of State

The Council of State will rule in the coming days on the issue of calculating unemployment benefit before a hearing on the merits in a few weeks. WIKIPEDIA Same actors, same place, same fight. Trade unions and government confront each other again, Thursday, October 14, before the Council of State on the thorny issue of … Read more

Unemployment: towards a historic drop … which should not last

Never seen since 2008! On Wednesday, INSEE presented its eagerly awaited “economic outlook” for October, which outlines the expected outlook for the French economy for the last three months of the year. And, extremely rare, the projections are particularly flattering for employment. According to INSEE, France should end the year with an unemployment rate of … Read more

In France, the return to a pre-crisis level of GDP is accompanied by a sharp drop in unemployment

A worker at the 3D Tex factory, in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), September 17, 2021. JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP Crisis ? What crisis? At the end of 2021, at the level of macroeconomic meters at least, the episode of Covid-19 will have been practically erased for the French economy. With a few sectoral nuances, activity has picked … Read more

Gas, Smic, APL, unemployment, Netflix … All that changes on October 1, 2021

Gas takes 12.6%, the minimum wage increases by 35 euros, very slight increase in APL, new calculation rules for unemployment insurance, increased Netflix subscriptions … All that changes on October 1, 2021. • The regulated gas tariff will increase by 12.6% on October 1 Regulated gas prices applied by Engie will once again jump, by … Read more

The reform of unemployment insurance, a political symbol for Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée Palace, September 24, 2021. GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS It is an economic and social reform that Emmanuel Macron intends to erect as a real political object just over six months before the presidential election of 2022. While the implementation of the unemployment insurance reform is scheduled for Friday 1is October, … Read more

United States: Biden rules out extending the weekly bonus of $ 300 that reinforced the unemployment benefit | Economy

Personnel hiring poster in a business in Manhattan (New York), this Thursday.SPENCER PLATT / AFP The Joe Biden Administration rules out extending the weekly bonus of $ 300 that reinforced the unemployment benefit and which is scheduled to expire on September 6, thanks to the improvement in the economic situation and, specifically, to the decrease … Read more

Unemployment figures almost stable in the second quarter

The long-term unemployment rate is also almost stable: it concerns 0.7 million unemployed and stands at 2.4% of the working population. ALAIN LE BOT / PHOTONONSTOP The unemployment rate again remained almost stable in the second quarter of 2021 (- 0.1 point) to stand at 8% of the working population (excluding Mayotte), according to figures … Read more