Starring in the series Condolences, Ersa Mayori has a unique way of establishing chemistry: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Ersa Mayori is lined up to star in the latest web series titled Condolences. The 42-year-old presenter revealed how he and the other players had chemistry. According to Ersa, like other shooting activities, they deepen their closeness through reading or script reading. Through this process, they can also at the same time explore the … Read more

Thanks to a unique flight, the smallest known beetles break speed records

The beetle Paratuposa placentis (left) shown at the same scale as the unicellular protist Amoeba proteus (right). FARISENKOV ET AL. Lhe world of insects is largely unknown to us. With some 1.3 million species listed by them, and 10,000 new ones described each year, entomologists can rightly say that they are not idle. However, according … Read more

“Apple’s unique performance is not the sign of a bubble”

In an Apple store, in Tampa (Florida, United States), on November 26, 2021. OCTAVIO JONES / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP Lhe story may remember this Monday, January 3, 7 p.m. in New York. For the first time a company has broken the ceiling of 3 trillion dollars (approximately 2,655 billion euros) of stock market valuation. … Read more

Spectaculare will close the year on Monday with a unique concert by Lenka Dusilová

The Spectaculare Festival will end this year full of concerts, film screenings and workshops with an exceptional concert by Lenka Dusilová. On December 20, she will baptize the album “Řeka” on the New Stage of the National Theater, for which she won the album of the year, song of the year and solo performer of … Read more

5 Unique Facts about Mbak Lala, Raffi Ahmad’s Babysitter, Number 4 Make Office Employees jealous of their salary : Okezone Celebrity

WHO who doesn’t know this babysitter Rafathar and baby Rayyanza? Yes, the daily life of Shela Lala or who is familiarly called Mbak Lala as a baby sitter for the sultan of Andara is always interesting to follow. Although his work is often underestimated, now he is able to show his success. Then what about … Read more

6 Favorite Mama Candidates at the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards, Some Have Unique Cravings! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAWaiting for the baby for the first time is something that every mother looks forward to. At the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards, they will give appreciation for the long wait of the mother for her child who will be born soon. MNCTV again held an appreciation event for millennial mothers and children, namely the … Read more

Mikha Tambayong’s Unique Story Involved in a Love Triangle : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Mikha Tambayong has a new project in the film Langit Kala Senja. In the film titled Langit Kala Senja tells about a complicated love triangle relationship. Starring Refal Hadi, Omar Daniel, Mikha Tambayong and Hana Malasan. Mikha Tambayong, who plays the character Senja, admitted that the character he played did not suit him. … Read more

Look Unique With Trendy Kebaya, Eva Celia: I’m Always Proud To Wear Indonesian Fabrics : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The 2021 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) has just been held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Central Jakarta on November 10, 2021. The celebrities who attended also looked charming in their best kebaya. One of the concerns is Eva Celia. Not only present at the Film Festival, Eva Celia also performed by … Read more

Great music can also be played in the occupied bar. A unique vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the film Occupation is released

One night, one bar. A sleepy party of actors after the performance will be disrupted by a visit from an uninvited guest. The atmosphere is full of cowardice, vodka and thickens along with increasing clouds of cigarette smoke. The characters are breaking … Black comedy At the August premiere, the occupation of director Michal Nohejl … Read more

journey through excellence, from unique products to starred restaurants

Peru turns on the spotlight, oncelta more, on its gastronomic excellence, after the recent World Travel Awards have once again confirmed the country as the best ‘Culinary Destination in South America’. The gastronomic excellence of Peru and its international recognition in recent years has also been demonstrated by the recurring presence of 3 Peruvian restaurants … Read more