Mother Supports Rachel Vennya Through Writing: Lucky Mami Has You : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Gestures Rachel Vennya in the public spotlight after receiving leniency for not undergoing COVID-19 quarantine after traveling from the United States, in September 2021. The case even made netizens label him as a national polite ambassador. As a mother, Viens Tasman continues to support her daughter through these problems. Via Instagram, Viens uploaded … Read more

Rachel Vennya is questioned by the police regarding the license plate and color of the car that does not match the STNK : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Selebgram Rachel Vennya back to dealing with the law. After the quarantine escape case, Niko Al Hakim’s ex-wife will be examined regarding the ‘RFS’ number plate and the color of her car that does not match the Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK) at Polda Metro Jaya, Monday (25/10/2021) at 10:00 WIB. “We’ll just call for … Read more

Keukeuh Family Denies Rachel Vennya Escaped Quarantine : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya has been accused of escaping quarantine twice after traveling abroad. In addition to escaping quarantine after returning from the United States, in June 2021, the celebrity was also reportedly not quarantined after returning from his vacation with his girlfriend in Dubai. However, recently the cousin of Rachel Vennya seemed to break … Read more

Profile of Rachel Vennya, the Celebrity Who Escaped during the Covid-19 Quarantine : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya’s profile is now being hunted by some people. Rachel was in the public spotlight after running away from quarantine at the Athlete’s Guesthouse after returning from America. Rachel Vennya herself is a woman born in Jakarta, September 25, 1995. She is the daughter of Andrea Roland and Vien Tasman. Also Read: … Read more

Escape Quarantine, Rachel Vennya Makes Child a Shield : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity Rachel Vennya escaped from the quarantine she was supposed to be in for 8 days. In fact, he should have been quarantined like what Denny Sumargo and influencer Arief Muhammad did when they returned from the United States for work. Unfortunately, the 26-year-old woman chose to run away from Wisma Atlet after … Read more

Passed to take children on a plane to Bali, Rachel Vennya: I have a letter of assignment: Okezone Celebrity

RACHEL Netizens have also targeted Vennya about her children being able to escape on an airplane from Jakarta to Bali. In fact, there is a regulation from the Ministry of Transportation which states that children under the age of 12 are prohibited from boarding planes. Rachel Vennya also opened her voice on Boy William’s Youtube … Read more

Rachel Vennya Blasphemed for Taking Children on a Plane during PPKM : Okezone Celebrity

RACHEL Vennya was widely discussed by the public after news of him running away during quarantine from Wisma Atlet circulated on social media. The case is not over yet, there are rumors again that the celebgram took children under 12 years old on an airplane. The problem is even more widespread. His son’s participation while … Read more

Rachel Vennya will be questioned by the police, Nikita Mirzani: Don’t be afraid Yes: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya He is scheduled to undergo police questioning on October 21. The inspection was the result of the alleged violation of the COVID-19 quarantine, after returning from New York, United States. Knowing the news, Nikita Mirzani expressed his happiness through Insta Story. “I’m very happy when I read the news about those … Read more

Rachel Vennya apologizes, Nikita Mirzani asks for the case to be investigated : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Mirzani being the artist who has spoken out loudly about the violation of the COVID-19 quarantine policy allegedly committed by Rachel Vennya. He considered the celebgram’s attitude to be a bad example for the community. “I can’t just apologize. If it’s easy to apologize, there’s no need for the police. The prison … Read more

Rachel Vennya Opens Up About Quarantine Violation Scandal: I’m Sorry : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Selebgram Rachel Vennya finally opened his voice regarding the alleged violation of the COVID-19 quarantine involving his name. He released an apology via Insta Story, on October 14, 2021. “I want to apologize to all of you for all my mistakes. Sometimes I hurt and harm other people, selfish and arrogant,” he began … Read more