Friends Claims Have New Facts About Rachel Vennya’s Return to Jakarta : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya’s best friend, Vicky Alaydrus, uploaded a photo proof of the celebgram’s electronic ticket from the United States to Jakarta. In his upload on Instagram Story, it can be seen that the lover of Salim Nauderer flew on a Japan Airlines plane on September 16, 2021. On the electronic ticket, it was … Read more

Rachel Vennya’s Controversy Row: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya gets the public spotlight. He angered the public because he was caught running away from quarantine from the Athlete House. During her time in the entertainment industry, a series of controversies have come to Rachel Vennya. Escape from Wisma Atlet is not the first chaotic act. Summarized from various sources, Wednesday … Read more

Deddy Corbuzier Posts Rachel Vennya’s Photo on Instagram, Netizens Are Excited: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Deddy Corbuzier participate in commenting on the furore of the case Rachel Vennya. Kalina Oktarani’s ex-husband uploaded a photo of Rachel Vennya on his Instagram account. For your information, Rachel Vennya caused a stir after reportedly escaping from the Athletes House quarantine. However, later, he denied that he was quarantined at the Athlete’s … Read more

Anxious to see Rachel Vennya’s behavior, Nikita Mirzani: Why do you dare to lie? : Okezone Celebrity

NIKITA Mirzani responded to Rachel Vennya after clarification on Boy William’s Youtube account. Hearing the words of Niko Al Hakim’s ex-wife, Nikita Mirzani was exasperated or annoyed. Especially when she heard the reason that came out of Rachel’s mouth that she deliberately did not undergo quarantine because she missed her two children. In the video, … Read more