Baim Wong Wants to Name the Second Child ‘Dragon’, Paula Verhoeven Protests : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – About the next 3 weeks, Paula Verhoeven predicted to give birth to their second child. Based on the results of the ultrasound, the model who is also the wife of actor Baim Wong is again pregnant with a boy. Prior to giving birth, Paula admitted that she had not yet decided on a … Read more

Paul Verhoeven: “We Are In A Ridiculous Time With This Puritanism That Treats Bodies As Secrets”

One day after the world premiere of his latest film, Benedetta, during the Cannes Film Festival and a week before turning 83, Paul Verhoeven seems strangely fatigued. The true story about the visions and miracles of the nun of the title and her sexual relationship with another sister from an Italian convent in the 17th … Read more

‘Benedetta’ Is Much More Than Dildo-shaped Carvings: Paul Verhoeven Reaffirms Himself As The Master Of Excess With A Delusional Secular Jewel

What a complete wonder it is to be able to sit in front of a movie that transpires freedom in equal measure and a feeling — real or false, what does it matter — that the only thing that matters is making the stalls uncomfortable; causing one part of it to roar and squirm in … Read more

Paul Verhoeven Denies Tricking Sharon Stone Into Showing Her Vagina In ‘Basic Instinct’: “I Knew Exactly What We Were Doing”

The actress Sharon Stone published his memoirs this past March. In them he revealed that paid Leonardo DiCaprio’s salary on ‘Quick and deadly’ because the study did not want to do it, but also claimed that they tricked him into showing his private parts in one of the most remembered scenes of ‘Basic instinct’. Now, … Read more