I am Rada discarded Manu Viale’s hobby in one of the Match Game slogans

Manu Viale was once again part of the panel of famous guests invited to Match Game, but he did not count on the fact that Soy Rada was going to undo one of his favorite hobbies in the middle of the program in one of the slogans to solve. And when it did, it generated … Read more

Juana Viale’s Surprising Compliment To A Guest: “I Want To Highlight Her Beauty”

The driver Juana Viale He could not hide his admiration and complimented one of his guests live. It is that when observing the look of Soledad Fandiño, the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand He only had compliments to demonstrate in front of the camera and the moment was recorded since it was broadcast on the air … Read more