Taylor Swift Fan Goes Viral After Evermore Merch Turns Her Skin Green

February 25, 2021, 1:01 p.m. Bobby Ernst went viral on TikTok after showing people what his long-sleeved Willow top did to his skin. Taylor Swift fans, be careful. If you recently bought it Always merch, your skin may turn green. Taylor Swift is known for releasing some really great products. Last year, the 31-year-old launched … Read more

Viral rapper and visual artist Aries will come to Prague for the first time

American musician Aries is an artist of many talents: rapper, singer, producer, director, graphic designer and illustrator. He first demonstrated his versatility and innovative view of his work on his social networks, where he gained his first loyal supporters, while the music media highlighted his fresh approach to music and his ability to combine hip-hop … Read more

Viral post gets facts wrong on NASA-funded study

The claim: NASA just hired 24 theologians to assess how the world would react to discovery of extraterrestrial life The prospect of discovering extraterrestrial life may feel like science fiction to many but not for NASA. In 2015, the agency and the John Templeton Foundation awarded a grant for a research project at the Center of Theological Inquiry on … Read more

Gal Gadot Reflects On ‘Imagine’ Viral Cover Video, Says Gesture Was ‘in Bad Taste’

Gal Gadot reflects on his viral video “Imagine” which rocked social networks in March 2020. The ‘Death on the Nile’ actress, 36, spoke about the John Lennon cover she played with a cohort of her closest Hollywood friends and posted almost two years ago much to the public’s dismay, telling In the style in hindsight, … Read more

Video of Gaga Muhammad Drunk and Mocking Laura Anna’s Friend Viral: I Know Lo Cupu Rik : Okezone Celebrity

VIDEO Gaga Muhammad while drunk and mocking Laura Anna’s best friend went viral on social media. Previously, the video had mysteriously disappeared on social media. The video was uploaded by the friend of the late Laura Anna, Erika Carlina through her YouTube channel. This video is lost because it has been taken down by YouTube … Read more

Viral Duo Nuca & Mahalini Surprise at the End of 2021 : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – At the end of 2021 a surprise came from the viral duo Nuca and Mahalini. Who doesn’t feel baper and confused when listening to their duet single “Aku Yang Salah”, which has now reached 41 million views since it was shown on youtube, now Nuca and Mahalini are ready to rekindle their feelings … Read more

After going viral, Ndarboy maintains the existence of Javanese pop through album: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Singer Ndarboy whose real name is Helarius Daru Indrajaya (Daru) was successful after going viral with a song titled Mendung Tanpo Udan. Now, he is trying to maintain his existence by releasing an album entitled Cidro Asmoro. The release of the album was used when the momentum of Javanese pop was being loved … Read more

Nikita Mirzani’s Boycott Viral, Netizens: Only Realized Now, Right? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The boycott of Nikita Mirzani became a trending topic on Twitter social media accounts, on Monday (12/13/2021). A petition created by the Damai Indonesiaku account with the title ‘Boycott Nikita Mirzani, the artist who spreads hatred and commotion!’ It has even been signed by more than 64 thousand people. Many netizens teased about … Read more

Find The Letter ‘E’ In This Viral Riddle: 3% Were Able To Claim Victory On Their First Try

The visual puzzle that you will see next is almost impossible to solve. It seems to be simple, but if you dare to do it you will see that it is the opposite, because you must find the letter ‘E’ in a few seconds. You should not trust yourself, because 97% of participants were not … Read more

5 Facts about Dianna Dee Starlight, Number 3 Viral because Once Offered Rp800 Million : Okezone Celebrity

FAKTA Dianna Dee Starlight attracting public attention is a national unifying celebgram. He is even often predicted as a rival to Aunt Ernie. His name also went viral because he claimed to have been offered an open BO by a netizen on Instagram. Even that person dared to spend a lot of money to be … Read more