Virgin Orbit: ‘Something malfunctioned’ during demonstration launch

A Launcher One rocket detaching from its carrier plane. Virgin Orbit Richard Branson’s space launch company, Virgin Orbit, didn’t manage to launch a rocket into orbit from midair on Monday as hoped. The company’s modified 747, Cosmic Girl, flew over the Pacific Ocean off California with the LauncherOne rocket attached to its belly and dropped … Read more

Virgin Orbit reveals cause of failed May test launch, and its future plans

A Launcher One rocket detaching from its carrier plane. Virgin Orbit Some bum plumbing kept Virgin Orbit from getting to space during a demonstration launch in May, the company revealed Monday. Specifically, it was “a breach in the high-pressure line carrying cryogenic Liquid Oxygen (LOX) to our first stage combustion chamber due to a component … Read more

Richard Branson’s satellite launch firm, Virgin Orbit, to go public via SPAC merger

Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit, a satellite-launching spinoff of the billionaire founder’s space tourism firm, is going public through a merger with a shell company, the firm announced on Monday. The company will be valued at $3.2 billion and includes an investment from Boeing. Virgin Orbit plans to merge with the special purpose acquisition company (also … Read more

Branson to land fresh £400m funding injection for pandemic-hit Virgin Atlantic Airways | Business News

Virgin Atlantic Airways is drawing up plans for a fresh £400m funding injection as prospects fade for an initial public offering (IPO) of Sir Richard Branson’s flagship company. Sky News has learnt that the transatlantic carrier is in talks with its shareholders and other financial stakeholders about raising additional capital to see it through the … Read more

Australia, Oman, Virgin Orbit. New and continued threads of SatRevolution collaboration

In the Australian field of study, the Wrocław company SatRevolution concluded an agreement with Neumann Space, directly related to the recently established initiative The Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN). Under the agreement, SatRevolution will provide the CubeSat 6U satellite platform, with Neumann Space’s involvement in the construction of a nanosatellite propulsion matched to it. This … Read more

Virgin Galactic: “Demand for our sub-orbital flights above forecast despite higher price”

Virgin Galactic shares gained 5% on the later trading session in reaction to the publication of quarterly results and further expansion plans for the company. The main catalyst for growth was the statement by CEO Michael Colglazier, who said he saw a strong demand for space tourism. Virgin Galactic is selling seats faster than expected, … Read more

Virgin Orbit to launch third flight in December, double pace in 2022

ProcureAM CEO and co-founder Andrew Chanin discusses growing demand in space travel. EXCLUSIVE: After two successful back-to-back launches in 2021, pre-launch preparations are underway for Virgin Orbit’s third and final LauncherOne mission for the year. BEZOS’ BLUE ORIGIN LOSES NASA LAWSUIT; WIN FOR MUSK’S SPACEX The mission, dubbed Above the Clouds, will take off from … Read more

The elite Canadian pilot who’ll be flying Virgin Galactic tourists to space

Janjua in front of the VSS Imagine, in Mojave, California, at the Virgin Galactic facility (Courtesy of Quinn Tucker/Virgin Galactic) Jameel Janjua calls them “future astronauts.” That’s partly corporate speak—Virgin Galactic’s preferred term for customers who pay upward of US$450,000 for tickets to the edge of space. But coming from Janjua, the phrase sounds believable. … Read more

Virgin Galactic Holdings Share Price Forecast November 2021 – Time to Buy SPCE?

Shares of American spaceflight company Virgin Galactic Holdings (NYSE: SPCE)  are in the green today, closing at $19.55 with an uptrend of 4.27% as of November 1st, (23:56 EDT). Since successfully flying founder Richard Branson into orbit, the company hasn’t provided any reasons for investors to cheer. October was particularly bad for the company, where … Read more

SpaceX, Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic: which space company is ahead? | 10/31/21

• Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos send space tourists into space for a few minutes • “Inspiration 4” by SpaceX sends people on a three-day trip into space • Famous physicist sees one of the three competitors as the clear winner Branson and Bezos offer space tourists only a brief treat In mid-July, the British … Read more