Rezky Aditya Rejects DNA Test, Wenny Ariani Walks Out of Session : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Wenny Ariani returned to attend the trial for the child’s confession of Rezky Aditya in the Tangerang District Court. In the trial, the actor through his legal authority rejected the application for a DNA test. “We object to the letter because it is very clear that the position of the defendant is only … Read more

Diego Valdés walks with a slow but firm step towards America

Sources confirmed to ESPN that the player will now have to settle the salary issue with the Americanists to seal a possible transfer; Valdés’ agents negotiate an improvement over what the Andean man earned in Santos Laguna MEXICO — Diego Valdes remains at this time as the player who is closest to becoming the first … Read more

Ronaldo sends United in eighth, Bayern walks

It is done! Manchester United qualify for the eighth After a very complicated week, a 4-1 defeat at Watford this weekend, the dismissal of Solskjaer, the procrastination around Pochettino, the rumors about Ronaldo … the Mancuiniens have found the resource to resist the collective game of Villareal and punish the Spaniards on their first mistake. … Read more

YouTuber invades SpaceX premises, walks around unmolested

In Boca Chica, SpaceX is currently working on the future of space travel. That means, among other things, that you test the Starship. The take-offs and flights of the spaceship are already going well, the landings still need to be improved. However, there is also a need for optimization in terms of security. SpaceX is … Read more

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Golden Goose walks on the water in Venice

Translated by Paul Kaplan Published on 8 sept. 2021 On Monday evening, to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the Italian brand Golden Goose invited an Olympic skateboard medalist to a skatepark floating on the famous Venice lagoon. DR New skateboarding sensation American Cory Juneau performed a series of gravity-defying stunts as the sunset cast a golden, … Read more

Rafathar is cranky, this is why he walks out when making content with Nagita Slavina : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rafathar Malik Ahmad was seen sulking at Nagita Slavina when he was making content on the Rans Entertainment Youtube channel, Tuesday (27/7/2021). It all started when Rafathar asked his mother about the toy. “Mom, why can’t school play games?” said Rafathar. Then, Nagita patiently explained to Rafathar the reason he was not allowed … Read more