Washington and Seoul offer help to North Korea to fight against Covid-19

US President Joe Biden (left) and South Korean President Yoon Seok-youl during a press conference at the presidential office in Seoul on May 21, 2022. JEON HEON-KYUN / AP The United States and South Korea offered, on Saturday, May 21, their aid to North Korea to fight the Covid-19 epidemic which is raging there. “Both … Read more

Pentagon facilitates use of force in Washington unrest

National Guardsmen deployed near Capitol Hill in Washington during the inauguration ceremony for US President Joe Biden on January 19, 2021. OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP Almost a year after Donald Trump’s supporters assault the Capitol in Washington, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin decided to streamline the process for approving a possible military response to civil … Read more

Fight between Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne on Washington bench

The defensive linemen of the WFT came to the fists then left the field with their team falling by beating The Washington Football Team seemed to hit bottom this Sunday at AT&T Stadium and not only because of the beating he receives on the field in front of the Dallas Cowboys. During the second quarter, … Read more

Washington promises to react in case of aggression by Ukraine, not to intervene militarily – 12/06/2021 at 10:35 pm

COMBO created on December 6, 2021 showing Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutine (AFPSPUTNIK / MANDEL NGANMikhail Metzel) On the eve of a meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin, Washington announces the color: if Russia attacks Ukraine, the United States is ready to take unprecedented financial sanctions and to station more soldiers in Europe of … Read more

United States | Hobby Bingham | A trans pedophile was held in a female prison and raped his cellmate | NNDC | WORLD

Updated on 11/29/2021 07:50 am The authorities in Washington, United States, are perplexed by the case of Andromeda Love, a pedophile who called himself a transsexual to be confined in a female prison, where he raped his cellmate, reveals National Review by appointing former and current workers of the Correctional Center for Women of this … Read more

The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 12

We reviewed the league’s pecking order after 12 days of activity in the regular season You can enjoy the NFL on Star +; Subscribe here! After 12 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the hierarchical order of the 32 NFL teams, according to the Power Rankings de ESPN.com: Trevor Lawrence can’t … Read more

Washington Attorney General Indicts Mark Zuckerberg For Cambridge Analytica Case

Misfortunes never come alone. If Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook can say that October has been a horrible month for them, it only remained for Karl Racine, Washington’s attorney general, to announce yesterday that he had included Zuckerberg – in a personal capacity – in his lawsuit against Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica case. . It … Read more

Washington accuses Maduro of putting Saab ahead of Venezuela’s interests

Ned Price ruled out any exchange between Saab — a Colombian-Venezuelan businessman seen as Maduro’s “test of iron” and extradited Saturday from Cape Verde to the United States — with leaders of oil company Citgo detained in Venezuela and asked the Caracas regime to release them “immediately and without conditions”. Saab today had the first … Read more

Without contact with Kabul, the embassy of Afghanistan in Washington in self-management

WASHINGTON LETTER The pre-Taliban Afghanistan flag in front of the country’s embassy in Washington, August 16, 2021. CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES /AFP Poor flag: who will mend it? It floats in the courtyard of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, but cannot hide its tears. Since the Taliban took control of the country in … Read more

European Union considers “incident” with Washington closed

Josep Borrell during a meeting with U.S. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken in Washington on October 14, 2021. JONATHAN ERNST / AP L’« incident » is closed: the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, on Friday, October 15 in Washington, displayed his desire to turn the page of the Franco-American crisis on the Aukus … Read more