Apparently, North Koreans are also watching Squid Game

Since its release on Netflix, the Squid Game series has been a huge hit with viewers around the world. The fame of the series has even reached North Korea where the media are however strictly censored. Series and films from the West are banned there and those who break the rules risk the death penalty. … Read more

Roger Danuarta Crying Haru Watching The Last Heaven’s Door Film : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The Last Heaven’s Door is finally showing in Indonesian cinemas. During the premiere of the film, Roger Danuarta, the main character, burst into tears. Roger Danuarta cried with emotion because he lived and animates the story that was presented. The story penetrated deep into him. “All my life, watching movies I cry. Just … Read more

Netflix Is ​​a Joke: This Is The Result Of Putting An AI To Write A Script After Watching 400,000 Hours Of Horror Movies

It has always been said that evolution of robots and artificial intelligence it would put thousands of people out of work because they would be replaced by machines. While it has always been thought that this type of work would be mechanics, we were very wrong, now bots can even write movie scripts. Read also … Read more

The Story of the Ghost Watching the School Hallway on the Gritte Agatha Podcast : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gritte Agatha back to entertain fans with horror stories that make goosebumps. This time Gritte invited a resource person named Ratri who told a scary experience while undergoing school. During the orientation period, Ratri had seen various supernatural beings who guarded the school. Ratri also recounted the first strange incident when she went to … Read more

Watching the Bond of Love on RCTI+ is more satisfying : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Who doesn’t know phenomenal soap operas Love Bond? Since its release in 2020, the soap opera, played by Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka, has managed to steal the public’s attention and become one of the most popular soap operas in Indonesia. For fans of Ikatan Cinta, there is good news from RCTI+! Curious? READ … Read more

Do we waste ‘Time’ watching M. Night Shyamalan movies? – Celebs.Cool

The director’s new film of ‘The Sixth Sense’ is a new twist to the final script twist Those who felt cheated by ‘The sixth sense ‘(1999),I know they never forgave him ‘The Incident’ (2008), those who still think that ‘The forest’ (2004) It is the nova more of the nerd and that Adrian Brody’s hairstyle … Read more

8 Anime-style Video Game Movies Worth Watching

Anime and video game markets often team up, offering fans more entertainment options. Many times we have asked ourselves “Would the story of this video game work in a movie?”, And clearly, the same idea passed through numerous animation studios, which borrowed the licenses of several of our favorite titles, and gave us animated feature … Read more

It’s funny how Ali Kribo’s reaction to watching Darbuka performs somersault: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ali Kribo is a darbuka player who actively creates content on his YouTube channel. Darbuka is a drum-type percussion instrument originating from the Middle East. In ancient times, darbuka were made of pottery, wood, and leather. However, because the times are more modern, there are many other ways and materials to make this … Read more

Celebrate Indonesia’s Birthday, By Watching Talented Children’s Series on RCTI+ : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Happy 76th birthday Indonesia. On August 17, usually schools or offices will hold a Flag Ceremony and in the villages there will be competitions to celebrate as well as give thanks for Indonesia’s independence. At this time PPKM level 4 is being implemented so that you have to celebrate Indonesia’s birthday at home, … Read more

Enjoy a Singing Performance That Soothes the Eyes and Ears by Watching the Top 20 Show Me Your Voice Videos! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Hi everyone! Now the Show Me Your Voice competition has entered the Top 20 phase. After going through the audition stage and the Top 50 determined based on voting and internal jury assessments, the 20 best participants have been selected with their own unique and special voices. So, want to see how cool … Read more