Ghea Indrawari: Niko Junius Turns Weaknesses into Strengths : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Indonesian Idol Season 9 dropout singer Ghea Indrawari again presents fun and entertaining content on her YouTube channel. Ghea who often invites cool guest stars to chat together, this time invites Niko Junius to have fun chatting together. Niko Junius is a content creator who often makes comedy videos that go viral on … Read more

resumption of concerts and tours against a backdrop of weaknesses

The Current Music Market (MaMA), professional convention and festival. MAMAFESTIVAL.COM Behind the proverb ” After rain the good weather “, a question mark. It was under this title that a debate was organized on Wednesday, October 13, about concerts and tours against the backdrop of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, during the first of … Read more

Kabul attack highlights weaknesses of new Taliban power

The Taliban at the entrance to the Kabul hospital, after the double attack, on August 26, 2021. ANDREW QUILTY / AGENCE VU ‘FOR “THE WORLD” For twenty years, the Taliban embodied the struggle against the government in Kabul supported by the West. Two weeks after having once again become the masters of a country they … Read more

“The Pegasus affair perfectly shows Europe’s weaknesses in terms of cyber attacks”

The website of the Israeli firm NSO, which created the Pegasus spyware. MARIO GOLDMAN / AFP Acurrently, France and more generally Europe are undergoing massive cyber attacks. On the one hand, of the cyber espionage type, with in particular the Pegasus software, sold by the Israeli company NSO and used outside its legal framework, the … Read more