James Webb Space Telescope’s Powerful Infrared Camera – The NIRCam

The Hubble Space Telescope answered major questions about the cosmos, but its data also inspired new theories about the origins of the universe that cannot be confirmed without even more powerful instruments. On December 22, an international partnership will launch the James Webb Space Telescope, a new cluster of instruments that will make Hubble look … Read more

James Webb telescope investigated after the cosmodrome incident. NASA is delaying take-off

Adopted and announced in August this year. the start date of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) mission turned out to be impossible to meet one month before the scheduled launch. The reason indicated here is an incident due to the self-release of the clamp connecting the valuable observation instrument to the adapter enabling it … Read more

The final stop on the James Webb Space Telescope

The finished James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was delivered on October 12 this year. to the port of Pariacabo on the French Guiana coast, arriving there from California by sea (via the Panama Canal). At the destination, the mouth of the Kourou River was specially deepened to ensure the safe transport of the valuable device. … Read more

Hubble Observes Peculiar Arp 86 Galaxy Pair In Preparation For James Webb Studies

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observation shows Arp 86, a peculiar pair of interacting galaxies that lies about 220 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Pegasus. Arp 86 is composed of two galaxies NGC 7752 and NGC 7753 – NGC 7753 is the large spiral galaxy dominating this image, and NGC 7752 is its … Read more

NASA adviser quits after request to change name of James Webb telescope denied

An adviser for NASA wrote an open letter on Tuesday on why they decided to quit after a request to change the name of the James Webb Space Telescope was denied by the agency. Lucianne Walkowicz, who is nonbinary, wrote that they were resigning “because NASA’s handling of the questions regarding James Webb as a … Read more

NASA advisor quits after the agency keeps a $10 billion telescope named after James Webb, who was a senior State Department official during the persecution of gay and lesbian government employees

A NASA advisor quit after the agency decided to keep the name of the James Webb Space Telescope. Chris Gunn/NASA A NASA advisor quit after the agency decided to keep a space telescope named after James Webb. Webb was undersecretary of state in the 1950s when gay and lesbian federal employees were dismissed. Lucianne Walkowicz … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope arrives in French Guiana

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope successfully arrived in French Guiana on Tuesday after a 16-day voyage at sea. The 1,500-mile journey took the Webb from California through the Panama Canal to Port of Pariacabo on the Kourou River in French Guiana on the northeast coast of South America. The world’s largest and most complex space … Read more

NASA may still rename the controversial Webb Telescope. Here’s how.

NASA’s opaque decision not to reconsider renaming the James Webb Space Telescope, after revelations that its namesake was involved in purges of gay and lesbian government officials in the 1950s, pushed New York State Senator Brad Hoylman to speak up. In a September 30 tweet, the LGBTQ+ state Senator suggested President Joe Biden intervene. “NASA … Read more

Framingham State’s McAuliffe Center Official Host Site For NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – Framingham SOURCE

FRAMINGHAM – The Christa McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science Learning has joined almost 500 sites across the country to celebrate the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), NASA’s next great space science observatory. The McAuliffe Center will offer a range of public programs, over the next several months, to bring the excitement of … Read more

NASA rejected a petition to rename the $ 10 billion James Webb Space Telescope while claiming to discriminate against gays

NASA has announced that it will not rename the James Webb Space Telescope prior to its December launch, despite a petition against praising space pioneers, which many consider to be homosexual. James Webb was NASA’s second administrator. From 1961 to 1968, he presided over the institution during an early and significant period of space exploration.But … Read more