Wife Of “El Buki” Assures That The Singer Is A Very Jealous Man

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Biography and Religion of Dhena Devanka, Jonathan Frizzy’s Wife Who Claims to Experience Domestic Violence : Okezone Celebrity

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The Unusual Coincidence That United Mark Zuckerberg With His Wife, Priscilla Chan

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Facchinetti shocked: «Conor McGregor beat me. It is violent and dangerous ». The wife: “A punch out of nowhere”

Bad misadventure for Francesco Facchinetti, who on his Instagram page said he had a nightmare night because of Conor McGregor, the champion of MMA these days in Italy (yesterday he went to lunch with Mourinho). “I never thought I’d experience such a thing,” writes Facchinetti. Read also> Conor McGregor in Rome, goes to dinner with … Read more

Kirk Douglas Once Bought An Engagement Ring: It Wasn’t For His Wife, Anne

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The particular reason why George Clooney “forbidden” his wife to see one of his films – Celebs.Cool

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Actor Cholidi Asadil Alam’s wife gives birth to a baby girl : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– The happy news came from the actor When Love Exalted, Cholidi Asadil Alam. This is because his wife, Arshinta Fitri Diyani, just gave birth to her third child on Friday (08/10/21). “For the prayers of all my friends, Alhamdulillah, my third child was born on Friday, October 08, 2021 at 16:43 with a weight … Read more