Coming to Cross Check! iNews TV, Wika Salim Suddenly Wants to Change Name : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Dangdut singer Wika Salim suddenly want to change name when present at the event Cross Check! on iNews TV, Monday (17/1/2022). At first Jarwo Strong seemed to want to shake the sword’s hand. Seeing his colleague’s behavior, Denny Cagur immediately reprimanded him. “What are you doing?!” said Denny Cagur quoted from the show Cross … Read more

Wika Salim Reveals Relationship with Ariel NOAH, Surprising Answer: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Wika Salim recently revealed about his status with Ariel Noah. As we know, Ariel Noah is often reported to be close to a number of women after his relationship with the beautiful artist Sophia Latjuba ran aground. Even recently, the vocalist of the Noah music group is reported to be close to soap … Read more

Wika Salim Becomes a GTV Comedians Duo Talent Search Contestant? : Okezone Celebrity

GTV bring back the talent search program. However, this time is different from usual because this time GTV is looking for various comedian pairs in the Comedian Duo program. This talent search program will show the comedic abilities of the participants. Not only joking, the participants are also allowed to sing and play musical instruments. … Read more