First Windows 11 update has arrived and news is bad for AMD

Launched earlier this month, Windows 11 has been installed by users on their computers, and on a variety of hardware. The problems have been limited, but there are some that don’t go unnoticed. Everyone knows the limitations it brought on systems with AMD processors, but this one now seems to have worsened. The first Windows … Read more

Windows Linux is already in the Microsoft store, but with one condition

Far beyond Windows, Microsoft has focused on integrating other systems in its offer. The proof of this is the possibility of using Linux directly on Windows and soon even Android and its apps will be present there. Continuing developments, Microsoft now has a surprise. WLS, the Linux of Windows, is in the software giant’s app … Read more

The Files app is what Windows 11’s File Explorer should have been

With Windows 11, Microsoft offers a modern operating system, but still lacking in work in some ways. The free Files app is exactly what we would like to see the publisher offer native on Windows. Windows 11 is a great operating system. Or rather, it should become a great operating system as Microsoft tweaks what … Read more

Media Creation Tool Download – Windows 11 ISO laden

Mit dem Media Creation Tool Download laden Sie die Setup-Dateien für Windows 11 herunter und erstellen ein bootfähiges Medium für die Installation. Das Media Creation Tool erlaubt dabei die Auswahl der Sprache sowie Edition für das Installationsmedium und bezieht alle erforderlichen Dateien direkt von den Microsoft-Servern. Diese können dann auf einen USB-Stick geschrieben oder als … Read more

Windows 11 arrives tomorrow and it’s better to start preparing your PC now

Windows 11’s arrival date has been known for several months. It will be tomorrow, October 5th, that Microsoft will release this new version, thus preparing the update of this new system in many millions of PCs. The path that led to this new version was not simple and was always overshadowed with a single point. … Read more